Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15 January 2022 written update – Abhay tortures Gehna

At the beginning of the episode, Gehna says that she is not Gehna whereas Anant says she is his wife where Gehna says that she will slap her where the public asks Anant to leave her. Anant holds Gehna’s hand where Gehna asks him that she is not Gehna. The public starts beating Anant where the Police take him from there where Gehna comes to Abhay and told him that someone holds her hand where Abhay takes her away.

Praful comes to rescue Anant where the Police ask him not to do such things where Anant says that he didn’t do anything wrong where they come home. Anant told everyone that Gehna is not in healthcare and he finds her out where Praful asks him not to say anything and asks him to take a rest.

Abhay brings Gehna home and throws her on the sofa where he told her mother that why she asks him to bring her out. Abhay asks Gehna that she should get punished where Abhay throws water on Gehna and says that how could anyone touch her where Abhay brings a towel and asks Gehna that he doesn’t want to see her with anyone else and said that she goes to bring toys for Rohan where Abhay asks Rohan not to asks her to bring toys for him. Rohan says that he doesn’t need toys and leaves from there. The woman asks Gehna if she knows him or not where Gehna says that she feels that she know him.

Anant comes to his room where Kanak comes there and said that maybe Gehna wants to go away from him and said that she doesn’t have any grudges against Gehna and that’s why she id giving h suggestions that Gehna is moving on.

Abhay is getting angry and starts punching the punching bag where he says that he found her Kajal where he thinks that Gehna should not go anywhere. Abhay is waiting outside where he goes behind him where he hits Anant’s car where he Apologizes to him. Abhay talks to Anant and asks him to move on and try to know what is he going to do where he gives her suggestions that he should move on as he did.

Gehna is finding something in the room where Abhay’s mother comes and asks her that what she is doing. Gehna asks her that she wants her picture with Abhay where she goes to feed Rohan where she loves him where Rohan says that her mother is dead. Gehna looks on.

Upcoming story: Anant asks the police to find Gehna and gives him her pic where the Police question him but he says that he is sure and asks him to find. Abhay tries something on Gehna’s hand and says that she should wear it all the time.

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