Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 23 July 2021 Anant takes the blame.

At the beginning of the episode, Anant asks Gehna where she is. Gehna is about to say but Kanak says that she brings her to the saree shop. Anant says that the shop is closed. Kanak says that the shopkeeper told her to come early. Anant looks on.

Kanak asks Gehna that everything is good when the end is good. Gehna is worried for the lady and said that she will learn the driving carefully from now and said that she will tell everything to Anant. Anant goes to check the car.

Baa asks Gehna to bring the food. Chetan asks Gehna about Hema. The police come inside the house and ask about Hema. Praful said that Hema is his daughter-in-law. The police told them that Hema gets hit by the car and gets injured. Everyone gets Shocked. The police said that someone hits her and run away from there and said that they will be caught soon. The plate falls from Gehna’s hand. Everyone looks on.

Praful informs Anant about Hema. Anant says that he is coming. The doctor told them that she is in critical condition and said that if she doesn’t wake up in twenty-four hours then she can go into a coma. Gehna gets Shocked and said that she did this. Kanak lied to them and takes Gehna from there. Gehna says that she hits her and said that she is in a coma because of her. Kanak says that she saves her but why she is accepting in front of everyone. Gehna said that she keeps telling her that someone gets hits by a car, and the lady who gets hit is Hema. Kanak says to Gehna that if anything happens to Hema then she will not forgive her.


Gehna prays to God and said that she should tell everyone the truth. Anant comes there and asks about the truth and asks her what she is talking about. Pankaj comes there and told Anant that the car gets caught who hits Hema.

The police talk about the car and said that someone hits her and run away from there. Gehna told the police that she hits Hema while driving. Anant heard everything and recalls everything about Gehna’s actions. Anant told the police that he hits Hema. Gehna gets Shocked. Anant says to Gehna that why she lies to him and blames her. Anant asks Gehna that she know that she hit someone. Gehna says that she did the accident. Anant says that he will tell everyone that he did the accident and confesses it to the police. The police call the eyewitness and ask him to check the car. The witness told them that the man is driving the car. The police take Anant to the police station. Everyone asked Gehna to calm down and said that she was driving the car. Everyone gets Shocked.


Gehna apologizes to Baa. Baa slaps Gehna and asks her not to call him Baa until Anant returns. Kanak gets happy. Baa says to Gehna that she is an unlucky daughter-in-law.

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