Sasural Simar Ka 2 10 May 2022 written update: Simar challenges Dhami

The episode starts with Simar cutting the electricity of Oslwal’s house. Reema scares Dhami by applying a ghost mask. Dhami got scared and run toward Aarav. He told Dhami to settle down he will see to it. He aware that Reema is trying to scare Dhami. He went to check the fuse and came across Simar. Reema was trying to escape but Dhami spotted her. She warns Reema for spoiling her night. Reema also challenges her that she won’t be there for many days.

Simar was talking to Aarav. She tells him that she know how much he loves her. Dhami was searching for Aarav in the house. Simar was telling Aarav that she will find out Dhami’s truth at any cost. Aarav told her not to do anything like that. Simar say if he wants to stop her then confess the truth. Aarav say this is the only truth. Simar said if this would be the truth then he wouldn’t steal his eyes like this.

Simar was going to ask Dhami about the truth but Aarav stopped her. Simar say why he is doing like this. Aarav told her that she is trying to blackmail him. Suddenly Dhami came there and Simar hides behind the wall. Dhami took him with her. Simar was thinking about what she can blackmail Aarav.

Dhami told Aarav to fo inside she will br back. She went to Simar and warn her that next time she won’t be safe. Simar gives a befitting reply to Dhami. Simar told her that she will be keeping and eye on her moves. Dhami say she will enjoy as she was feeling little bored. Dhami also challenges Simar that tomorrow will be a big drama in this house and rest will be suspense

The next day Simar was praying to god. Sandhya ask if she got to know about something from Aarav. Before she would say anything Dhami appears over there. She threw pearls on the stairs. Gitanjaali Devi was coming down from the stairs. Simar was also coming to alert Gitanjali Devi. Dhami alerts Gitanjaali Devi of those pearls but Gitanjaali. Simar started removing those pearls immediately. Gitanjaali Devi praises Simar for removing it. Dhami tells Simar that this only her real value. Simar get’s into an argument with her. Dhami say after 39, minutes she won’t be in a position to speak. Aarav also helps Simar in picking those pearls.

Dhami was willing to do Aarti but Sinar does it. Everyone was ignoring her. Everyone takes blessings. Simar and Aarav fell into an eye contact which Dhami didn’t like.