Sasural Simar Ka 2 12 June 2021 Written Update -Simi agree to Simar’s decision

Color TV’s popular show Sasural Simar Ka 2  is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Simar tells them I can’t imagine your pain but I would say you that it’s Reema’s fault. Simar told them her she was just helping her sister. Simi nods her head. Simar told them all this decoration is for Reema so it would be her responsibility and we can’t blame her like this. Avinash says the result will be the same as this marriage won’t happen.

Simar told them I have a solution but you all need to support me. Simar says Gitanjaali gave me the responsibility for choosing the right partner for Aarav so I would fulfill my responsibility. Simar told them I was having a strong feeling that Simi is perfect for Aarav and God also wants this then only this situation occurred. Gagan called and told Roma that he didn’t find Reema anywhere. Simar requested Avinash to let Simi sit in the mandap along with Aarav.

Simar asked Simi will you marry Aarav? Simi didn’t say anything and standing quietly. Simar told her I can’t understand your situation but that decision will be yours. Shobha and Chitra hurry and say call the bride or Aarav would take the marriage rounds alone.

Avinash told Siamar we won’t help you with this decision because I don’t think this is a good decision. The priest was telling them to call the bride fast. Gitanjali says o would go to call here Reema got stuck in traffic. Indu says this would be a betraying gesture and if Gitanjali would get to know then she won’t forgive us. Simi was also not ready to do this. Gitanjali was finding the bride’s dressing room.

Roma comes in support of Simar and says I feel this is the best option we are having now. Simar told Simi that now you can only save both the family by agreeing to this marriage. Indu asks her what we would do in the future. Simar told them I would be defending her in every situation.

Simar begs them to agree with this decision for the sake of Oswal’s family. There Reema was running to reach as soon as possible for her marriage. Suddenly Gitanjali came across Simar and Narayan’s family. Simi was almost with them but Gitanjali considers her as Reema. Chitra and Shobha were shocked to see the bride.