Sasural Simar Ka 2 13 May 2022 written update: Dhami’s plan failed

The episode starts with Simar requesting Vivan to reveal if he knows anything about Dhami. Vivan took a while and acknowledge everything about Dhami. He told them that she use to follow Aarav everywhere. One day she got annoyed with Aarav and scolded him for coming late. Then Aarav asked him to leave the room immediately. Later she went to attempt suicide but Aarav saved her. We got to know that she is not mentally well and use to get stubborn. Aarav came there and scolded Vivan for speaking all this. Simar tells Reema that we are close to the truth.

Simar was trying to apply a bandage but she couldn’t. Aarav saw her and feels guilty as he can’t help her because of Dhami. He went to Gitanjali Devi’s room and asked her to help Simar in a servant’s voice. Dhami was watching everything. Gitanjaali Devi went to help Simar. Simar asked how she got to know that she needs help. Gitanjali Devi said one of the servants called her. Simar thought Aarav might gave done this.

Simar was thinking about Dhami. Suddenly she saw Dhami going somewhere. Simar followed her. Suddenly someone pulled Simar out of the house. Aarav gets a message from Simar’s phone calling her out of the house.

Simar asks Samar how he dares to come here. Samar said he is trying to save her. Simar says she doesn’t want any protection so just leave from here. Samar held Siamar’s hand. Simar was telling him to leave her hand. Samar hugged her from the back and say I love you. Dhami was recoding them. Suddenly Aarav came there and gets angry at Samar. He told Samar that he can’t doubt Simar but he is not that good. Aarav hits him and asked why he always comes here. Samar said she called him here. Simar says honest people don’t steal eyes.

Dhami says she can tolerate all this. Aarav told her to stay away from all this. Simar thanked Aarav to believe her and acknowledge him that how he kidnapped her on the wedding day. Aarav get’s into a fight with Samar. Dhami told Aarav not to do anything and think about Simar. Aarav stopped the fight and ask him to leave from here.

Samar tells Dhami that they blindly trust each other. Dhami says not to worry they will get parted soon. She told him that her next plan is ready. She told him that this family is very conservative so it won’t take much time to manipulate them.