Sasural Simar Ka 2 14 January 2022 written update – Aarav-Simar make a comeback

At the beginning of the episode, Simar tells Reema that one day they will surely accept me if her love and care for family is true. Reema tells Simar that she is so selfish that she left Samar alone in the mandap. Simar says yes she went off for her love not any beauty competition. Simar says she has mort right on this house because she badi bahu of this house. Gitanjali Devi tells Simar to stop sll this and get lost from here. Vivan was trying to convince Gitanjaali Devi but she made him quiet. Aarav tells Simar let’s go as they won’t understand anything. Vivan says if they will go then he will also leave this house along with them. Vivan say’s he is nothing without them.

Chitra tells Reema to stop this mad boy. Reema ask how he can do this. Vivan says he will do everything which will be good for this house. Vivan tells Aarav that this house is incomplete without then. Gitanjaali Devi ask Vivan who gave you this right. Vivan says you only told me that he can take the decision for the family and he has full right on his room. Gitanjali Devi says they are outsiders. Vivan say’s he is your grandson whom he is trying to bring back. Gitanjali Devi said he is now trying to trick us.

Vivan ask Gitanjaali Devi whether she will keep her words or not. She tells him that it’s very clear that she keep her words but you are trying to misuse it. Gitanjali Devi said there will be no relationship with Aarav anymore. Simar asks there will be any way to apologize. Aditi tells Aarav that here is no one to understand him. Sandhya tells her to go inside. Aditi held Simar’s hand. Gitanjali Devi was shocked too see Vivan and Aditi standing on there side. Aarav say’s this also her values that are standing together but if she don’t want them to go in so they won’t enter. Vivan say’s they will live in his room as he has full right on it. Aarav says you want me to enter this house where my wife will get hate. Vivan says they will stay there without any objection. Simar tells Aarav to agree with him as we decided to convince them. Simar says he have to take her inside as he promised me. Gitanjali Devi says this girl is very shameless as now also she wants to come back to this house.

Gitanjaali Devi says let’s go back after some time outsiders will go back from here. Simar was telling Aarav that we have to convince them anyhow and win there heart. Vivan tells Aarav that if anyone would have explained me like this then he would agree. At last, Aarav agreed to come inside the house. Reema was feeling jealous.