Sasural Simar Ka 2 14 May 2022 written update: A shocker for Dhami

The episode starts with Simar getting happy to remember how Aarav showed trust in her. Aarav came there and they spend some time together. He asks why she is dancing here alone. Simar says her crying days are no more because he is with her. Aarav told Simar about a secret room where they will meet. He told her that we will talk in code words. Simar asks what about that Dhami as she wants to know the truth. Aarav told her to undertake the situation later he will let her know everything.

Simar saw Dhami coming and sat down so she couldn’t see them. Aarav and Simar gets close. He kissed her forehead. Simar says we can face every difficulty till we are together. Suddenly they heard Gitanjaali Devi yelling at Dhami. Simar tells Aarav that now she is targeting family members.

Gitanjali Devi refused to see any video. She told her that no one can’t doubt Simar at any cost. Sandhya says she is like a pure soul. Reema asks Dhami if she is done. Simar showed a video in which she was planning along with Samar. She asks Dhami what’s the truth. She scolded her for doing such things. Gitanjali Devi told Dhami that this family is with Simar and supports her every time.

Gitanjali Devi told Dhami that her bad days are near because her eyes are on her. Dhami was very angry and threw things in her room. Aarav came and asked what’s going on? Dhami acts mad. Aarav told her that he would harm him if anything happens to Simar. Reema found Dhami’s phone outside the room. Dhami tells Aarav that she can’t share him. Aarav says she always tries to break relationships and this is her strength of Simar. He told her that she won’t understand this.

Simar saw Reema with Dhami’s phone. They were trying to unlock her phone. Simar said first we will transfer the data then we will think of unlocking it. Suddenly Gitanjali Devi came into the room. She told them not to fear. She knows that they are doing it for the family only. She gave them full freedom to do anything just let Aarav free from her trap. Simar promised that this will only happen. She told Reema to use her smartness but be careful.

Dhami asks Aarav for the last chance. She was begging in front of Aarav but he leaves from there. She finds her Phone. Simar came there and asked if she is finding this phone. Before she could hold Simar dropped the phone. Dhami picked it. Simar asks why she does all this. Dhami stares at her angrily.