Sasural Simar Ka 2 15 January 2022 written update – Simar-Aarav enter the house

At the beginning of the episode, Aditi and Vivan convinced Aarav to come back home. Aditi thanked him for bringing back Simar. Aarav again asked Simar if she is sure to face everyone. Simar says we already passed one hurdle and at last love will win. Reema thought Simar is very much fake and leaves from there. Vivan and Aditi took them inside the house. Vivan and Aditi told them to wait and came back with flowers for the decoration. Then they arranged all the stuff for Grehpraves.

Simar enters the house with her feet imprinted on the floor. Vivan and Aditi were showering flowers. Reema was getting angry at their entrance. Aarav and Simar take blessings from God. Simar request God to provide her willpower to win everyone’s heart. Gitanjali’s Devi was shocked to see Siamar’s feet imprinted on the floor. She called the staff and told him to make it clean as soon as possible. Vivan tells them not to focus on that continue the puja.

Aditi was doing the Aarti. Sandhya tells her to stop but she ignored her voice. The staff members came over there but felt awkward to clean the ritual imprints. Gitanjali Devi took a bucket and throws water on the floor. She told them to clean all the areas where that girl stepped.

Reema tells Simar to stop acting over smart. Vivan tells Reema to behave. Reema says no one is happy with this decision. Simar says she is right how god can be happy as the elders of this house are not happy. Simar tells Aarav let’s go to Vivan’s room. Gitanjali Devi curses Simar and told everyone that for us they both don’t exist. Vivan tells Gitanjaali Devi that she promised him. Gitanjali Devi told him that his rights are only within the room. Vivan told them to come with me. Aarav tauntingly said this gift would be memorable.

Aarav asks Simar shall we go back as he can’t see all this. Vivan says he can’t tolerate all this. Simar told Aarav that we came here to win their heart so we will do that at any cost.