Sasural Simar Ka 2 18 May 2022 written update: Dhami feels ignored

The episode starts with everyone sitting at the dining table. Simar asked Aarav to have a seat. Aarav took a seat along with the other family members. Dhami told Simar to thank you to bring food on one plate for us as it will increase the love between us. Simar says first of all there should be love. Yamini calls Simar. Gitanjali Devi was about to pick up the call but Gajander gave her phone to Simar.

Yamini asked why she didn’t come for the recording. Simar told her that she won’t work with him because he crossed his limits. Yamini says she has signed a contract with him. Simar said she will find a solution for it but she won’t come for the recording. Yamini said they have to come and talk. Simar said not today because we are celebrating Gitanjaali Devi’s birthday. Suddenly Gitanjali Devi came and asked whom she is telling about her birthday. Simar was about to tell her about the recording but Reema came to take Gitanjali Devi for the next surprise.

All the family members give a surprise to Gitanjali Devi by praising her for the care and love she gave to everyone. They all speak up about the struggle of Gitanjali Devi and how bravely she handled every situation. All the family members were having a happy time. Gitanjali Devi says all her daughter in law’s are her support and the base of this house. She told Simar that she liked her birthday surprise. Reema says let’s capture this beautiful moment.

Simar and Reema say now be ready for the next story. She says this story is of Dhami. Dhami came in between the projector. Reema asked her to move. Dhami says she is alt having an interesting story. Dhami gifts Gitanjaali Devi and asked her to open in front of everyone.

Dami gifts a saree which gopi ji gifted to her. Simar asked Reema how she is got this saree. Gitanjali Devi asked Dhami how she got this saree. Dhami said she is having a lot of things of her. Dhami said today is a good day let’s show it to everyone. She asked everyone to sit and played a clip of old photos of Gitanjali Devi. Suddenly Yamini’s photo came on the screen which shocked everyone. She asked her to close all this. Gajander scolded Dhami for this act. Gitanjali Devi says this face is very unlucky for her and she showed it to her. Simar was thinking why Gitanjaali Devi hates Yamini.