Sasural Simar Ka 2 19 May 2022 written update: Geetanjali Devi demands an answer

The episode starts with Simar wondering how Yamini can be Gitanjali Devi’s enemy. Gitanjali Devi told Dhami to stop all this drama. Dhami says this lady will be in her life till Simar stays in this house. Gitanjali Devi said there is no relationship between Simar and this lady. Dhami told Simar to acknowledge Gitanjaali Devi whether she knows Yamini or not. Gitanjali Devi was having full faith that Simar doesn’t know Yamini. Simar says she wasn’t aware that she is her enemy. Gitanjali Devi asks how she knows this lady.

Yamini arrived there and said she will tell. Gitanjali Devi was shocked to see Yamini at her house. Before she could stop Yamini came inside the house. Yamini introduces herself as Yamini Oswal. Simar was shocked to hear this. Then she told everyone that Gopi Ji married her and she was his wife. Everyone looks on. Yamini says they can ask Gitanjaali Devi how mad he was for her. Gitanjaali Devi told Yamini to keep quiet. Yamini says she is Simar’s Guru.

Yamini told Gitanjali Devi that on Ganpati puja day she made Simar her follower. Gitanjali Devi said that day she was with us. Yamini told her that along with Simar, Aarav was also there. Gitanjali Devi asked Simar if this is true. Simar was standing mute. Dhami told Yamini to reveal as she won’t say anything. Yamini says how much Aarav and Simar use to love her and call as Choti maa. Gitanjali Devi says now she just wants to her from Simar. Simar confesses that she is her Guru. Aarav was trying to say some but Dhami stopped him.

Yamini gives sweets to Simar and congratulates her on her first recording. Gitanjali Devi got shocked and say she can’t do this with us. Dhami says she will clear all her doubts. She played Siamar’s recoding. Sandhya says this is Siamar’s voice but how it can be possible. Gitanjali Devi was shivering in anger. Yamini tells Gitanjaali Devi that she prepared her for this music. Gitanjali Devi threw away the music system. She asked Simar if this is her voice. Simar was standing mute. Yamini says she likes seeing her like this. Gitanjali Devi told her that she was Gopichand’s wife and she was the mother of his children. She blames Yamini for snatching everything from her.