Sasural Simar Ka 2 24 June 2022 written update: Reyansh is astonished

The episode starts with Simar finding that girl with whom Ryeansh talks on his phone. Simar found that girl on social media and sends her a friend request. Kavya called Simar that she reached Oslwal mansion for music class. She tells Kavya to wait for her in the music room. While Kavya was going toward the music room Ryeansh intentional bumps into her. He flaunts his biceps in front of her. She leaves from there without saying anything. Gitanjali Devi ask Gajander if new packets are ready. He said they are still in process. Ryeansh was going out. Gitanjali Devi asked where he is going? He said just for a walk. Simar doubts and sends someone after her.

Simar was teaching music to her students. The cook came to tell Simar that Sandhya is calling her out. Simar goes out. Gitanjali Devi tell she had given Ryeansh marriage responsibility to Simar. Chitra objects. Gitanjali asks Giriraaj if he is having any objection. He told Gitanjali that he is not having any objection and Simar will choose a good girl for him. Reema says why she can’t do it. Sandhya stops Simar saying in this situation. Reema said she will find a perfect girl for him. She asked Simar not to interfere in this. Chitra and Reema argue about who will find a girl for Ryeansh. Gitanjali asks them all to keep quiet and her decision is final. Simar says she wants to speak something. Gitanjaali Devi allows. Simar says to allow all of them to search for a girl and at last, the decision will be her. Gitanjali Devi does the same. Then she goes for meeting with her grandsons. Before leaving Gitanjali told Simar that she had trust in her so be careful.

Ryeansh went to meet Ishitha. She gets angry with him for meeting her like this. Ryeansh tells her that his family is against love marriage. Someone was secretly taking their pictures. Ryeansh leaves from there telling Ishitha that he will meet her at dinner. Gagan was worried about Aditi and how she will bear the delivery pain. The doctor asked him to sit under the sun and take Vitamin D. Chitra and Reema were taking auditions for choosing a perfect girl for Ryeansh. Simar goes to Ryeansh and showed him Ishita’s photo. Ryeansh looks on.

Episode end