Sasural Simar Ka 2 9 May 2022 written update: Simar takes on Dhami’s challenge

The episode starts with Simar sitting outside Aarav’s room. Gitanjali Devi came and told Simar that this is not her place. She tells Simar that she can understand her pain. Simar say she is the base of this family she can’t be weak like this. Gitanjaali Devi ask how she is managing all this bravely. Simar tells Gitanjaali Devi that Aarav is in more pain. Gitanjaali Devi say he is also a grandson of Gopi ji. Simar asked what? Gitanjaali Devi said come with her.

Dhami wrote her name with rose petals and show it to Aarav. Aarav said don’t expect more than this as he is doing all this to protect her family. Dhami say he looks more hot when he is angry. Aarav ask why she don’t feel shame as no one likes her in this house. Dhami say they have accepted her then what’s the problem. She say let’s not spoil the day and celebrate it and she won’t let Simar come in between. Aarav say don’t take her name because of her she cried today. Dhami ask how he can talk to her like this. Aarav said Simar is only wife of him. Dhami get’s irritated. Aarav said he is bearing all this because of Simar only.

Dhami blackmails him that she can harm Simar if he don’t cooperate. Aarav removes all the decoration and throwed his Varmala. Dhami slowly came and hugged him from back.

Simar came to Reema’s room. She made her sit and looks at her. She told Simar that her eyes are sweeliing because if crying let her bring ice. Simar stopped her and said she wants to cry more. Simar hugged Reema and cries for what all happened with her. Reema was telling her not to cry as she is brave girl.

Dhami tells Aarav that she will sit on the bed with veil and he would remove it. Aarav was not willing to do anything but she blackmails him. Simar told Reema that she won’t cry more and stop Dhami from doing anything. Reema asked if she had think what to do. Simar said she wants to meet Aarav in personal as something is there which he is hiding.

Reema and Simar makes a plan to get Dhami’s history. Reema took social media help to find out Dhami’s history. Later they didn’t found anything about her on social media. Reema told her not to worry she has a plan. Aarav was about to remove Dhami’s veil. On the other hand Simar cuts the light of the Oslwal’s house.