Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 16 January 2022 weekly

Last week we saw that, Aarav got scared and hugged her tightly. Mohit came there and says who will save you now from me. Simar say’s that day she taught him a lesson then also he came in front of her. Aarav asked which day what happened? Simar acknowledged him how Mohit was behaving with him. Aarav got furious at Mohit and beat him . Suddenly Mohit took out his gun and pointed towards Aarav. He was about to shot but Simar three a wooden stick on his hand. The gun fell on the floor. While he was about to pick the gun Simar attacked on him. Yamini was not happy as Simar was not ready to go against there family. Jogi asked whether Gitanjaali would forgive them. Yamini says it won’t happen and at last they will need me. Gitanjali Devi was feeling low. Suddenly Chitra and Giriraaj came request her to forgive them.

Gitanjali Devi was shifting Vivan’s stuff into Aarav’s room. Vivan tells Gitanjaali Devi that this is not possible as he is Aarav’s younger brother. Vivan was taking his stuff back but Gitanjaali Devi stopped him. She told him that now we need his support and their parents too. Everyone entered the room. Vivan got happy seeing his parents. Chitra says we came here for him only. Vivan thanked Gitanjaali Devi. She told them to gather in the hall she want to talk something important.

Gitanjali Devi gathered everyone and says today she is about to announce the new CEO of Oslwal’s group. They she took Vivan’s name. Reema got happy and thought Vivah shouldn’t reject this offer. Aarav was telling Simar to forgive him as everything happened because of him. Simar says now they both are one and they would bear everything together. Aarav says ot would be very difficult. Simar says she won’t lose hope till she make a space for her in Oslwal’s House.

The security guards pushed Aarav and don’t let him get inside the house. On the other hand Gitanjali Devi was doing Aarti of Vivan. Aarav get’s furious but Simar told him to clam down. Simar told the security guard to go and inform about there arrival. Vivan assured Gitanjaali Devi that he will give his best. She told him to sign the papers and hold the CEO position. Vivan ask whether she will believe on his decision? Gitanjaali Devi told him that he can take the decision but the last decision will be taken by the board of directors. Vivan took a promise from Gitanjali Devi that he will be having full right on his own things. Then he happily signed the papers.

Reema tells Simar that there is no place for her in this house. Gitanjali Devi tells guards to throw them out. Aarav said he was aware of it. Simar calms Gitanjaali Devi and tells her that they won’t be happy without their blessings. Aarav said he came here on Simar’s request as he doesn’t have much hope’s from them. Gitanjali Devi tells guards to drag them out but Vivan stopped them. Vivan tells them to come with him and today don’t stop him. Gitanjali Devi warns Vivan but he told her that today he won’t listen to anyone. Aarav told Vivan that he won’t argue with anyone for them. Reema scolds Simar and asks her to leave from here as nobody likes you. Simar says this is today’s truth but not permanent and one days everyone will meltdown.

Vivan ask Gitanjaali Devi whether she will keep her words or not. She tells him that it’s very clear that she keep her words but you are trying to misuse it. Gitanjali Devi said there will be no relationship with Aarav anymore. Simar asks there will be any way to apologize. Aditi tells Aarav that here is no one to understand him. Sandhya tells her to go inside. Aditi held Simar’s hand. Gitanjali Devi was shocked too see Vivan and Aditi standing on there side. Aarav say’s this also her values that are standing together but if she don’t want them to go in so they won’t enter. Vivan say’s they will live in his room as he has full right on it. Aarav says you want me to enter this house where my wife will get hate. Vivan says they will stay there without any objection. Simar tells Aarav to agree with him as we decided to convince them. Simar says he have to take her inside as he promised me. Gitanjali Devi says this girl is very shameless as now also she wants to come back to this house.

Reema tells Simar to stop acting over smart. Vivan tells Reema to behave. Reema says no one is happy with this decision. Simar says she is right how god can be happy as the elders of this house are not happy. Simar tells Aarav let’s go to Vivan’s room. Gitanjali Devi curses Simar and told everyone that for us they both don’t exist. Vivan tells Gitanjaali Devi that she promised him. Gitanjali Devi told him that his rights are only within the room. Vivan told them to come with me. Aarav tauntingly said this gift would be memorable. Aarav asks Simar shall we go back as he can’t see all this. Vivan says he can’t tolerate all this. Simar told Aarav that we came here to win their heart so we will do that at any cost.

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