Shaadi Mubarak 10 February 2021 Written Update – Preeti outbursts her anger at KT

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum suggested KT and Preeti celebrate the special day as they should enjoy every moment of life. They all started dancing with each other, and suddenly Kusum moves aside when she noticed KT and Preeti are close to each other. Shivraj made a video call to KT and acknowledge his financial statements. KT assured him that he would surely find a way for him.

On asking Preeti told KT that her lawyer had suggested some destination where I can shift after our divorce but KT intentionally started finding loopholes on that. Afterwards, they got into an argument which KT ended up saying that he would find a better place. After a while, a client came to Preeti for their son’s wedding arrangements, but she started fighting with each other because both were having a different taste for the theme of the wedding. KT handled the situation by telling them that I got your points and I would arrange all the themes according to that. Neelima called Preeti and complained about Priyanka’s behaviour.

Preeti consoles her by telling them that she should give some time to others to accept their marriage. Preeti acknowledged her about some of the responsibility of marriage and apologized on behalf of Priyanka and Sneha. Preeti assured Kusum that she would settle everything before leaving his house. On asking KT agreed that he had talked with the broker about her house but suddenly Susant appear and acknowledge them about the sudden demise of the Broker’s wife. Preeti weirdly looked at KT.

Preeti shouts at KT for lying to her again. KT was trying to save himself, but they both got into a heated argument. Kusum started calming them and told them to think before taking any step. They both settled down. KT noticed that Preeti was shivering from clod so he increases their temperature. Both of them were about to fill the form given by the lawyers while recalling Kusum’s words.

Shaadi Mubarak 10 February 2021 Written Update : प्रीति और कटी के बीच तकरार

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