Shaadi Mubarak 11 February 2021 Written Update – Kusala is angry on Priyanka

KT and Preeti watch the board of Happy Anniversary at the beginning of the episode. Preeti sees and says whose anniversary it is. Kusala wishes them Happy Anniversary. Preeti and KT have been married for 3 months. And on this same occasion, they give surprise to Preeti and KT. Kusula blesses them that their marriage brings happiness in their lives in the same way. Sneha tells them and always love remain in their marriage. Preeti’s tears start flowing from her eyes. Kusula gets worried after seeing this. She asks her what happened. Preeti does not say anything. Kusula says does KT say anything to her. She refuses. Next Neil says that today he will celebrate Chocolate Day. Everyone becomes happy. KT is about to refuse but Preeti stops him. KT looks on.

Preeti and KT are doing some work in the company. That’s when their clients come. They both show them the material related to marriage. Their client Dev and Meera like his work. Preeti asks them to give the wedding card to the temple. Dev leaves from there. Preeti stands studded. While his wife tells Duo that they are about to get divorced, so they will not go to give the card. Preeti is amazed to hear this. While Preeti wants to save the relationship of Dev and his wife.KT says they do not need to get into the case of others. Preeti disagrees. KT says they are going to get divorced so how will they save someone else’s marriage.

There, Priyanka wants a key to the wardrobe. She calls Preeti and asks if she can get a duplicate key. She says that she can take the key from Kusala. Priyanka goes to Kusala. Kusala wants to order something. But is not able to do so. That is when Priyanka arrives and help her. Later, She asks for the key. Kusala gives him the key. While Kusla further taunts Priyanka. Priyanka gets irritated. She taunts Kusala. Kusala is amazed to hear her words. There Preeti is talking to someone on the phone. KT asks who she is talking to. Preeti hangs up the phone. KT is shocked. Further, Meera’s health gets worsens. Dev goes to her. He gets worried. He takes care of her. He gives her medicine. KT says why did she keep lily flowers when she knows that Dev’s wife has allergies with lily so why did she keep these flowers. She says so that they know that they still love each other. KT gets angry. While Dev and Meera also scold Preeti. KT gets angry with them. He shouts on them.

Shaadi Mubarak 11 February 2021 Written Update : कुसाला प्रियंका से गुस्सा है।

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