Shaadi Mubarak 5 April 2021 Written Update – Vishal yells on Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti and Vishal perform the golgappa compilation. Vishal seeing her winning the competition and put red chillies in her golgappa water. Preeti gets hit by the chilly. KT gets upset with if. Preeti starts suffering alot. Later she still wins the competition. Vishal looks irritated. While KT and choti Preeti is happy. Preeti gives that reward amount to Vishal, saying I know that you also want to complete the dreams of Choti Preeti. He takes the reward amount and throws it. Preeti gets shocked.

Later KT notice that Vishal is washing the chilly powder of. KT goes to him and yells on him. Vishal asks him to mind his own business. KT still is yelling on him. They both starts fighting. People make then get away from each other. Later Preeti is unhappy. Choti Preeti tries to make her happy so she uses drums. Preeti recalls that once Vishal says that from now on no one would dares to touch this drum again. So Preeti tries to take it away from the hands of choti Preeti. Vishal comes there at the same time. He notices drum in her hand and gets bothered with it. So he evicts Preeti from his house. Choti preeti cries over it.

Nani asks him to get back Preeti as choti can’t stay away from her. Vishal says he will handle his daughter by himself. Nani looks on. Preeti scolds God for making her away from her daughter. KT comes there to console her. Preeti notice injury in his hand and treats his injuries. KT gives her water. Preeti gulps the water with heavy heart. KT notices pain in her face. Preeti asks did you live here. He says no his friends lives here and comes to meet him daily. Preeti says and that how you always collided with me. KT says I heard your conversation with your husband. She says he is not my husband but my friend’s husband. She tells him the whole story. KT looks happy as Preeti is still his only. Episode end.

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