Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 4 May 2021 Written Update – Mahi uses bitter words for Soumya

At the beginning of the episode, Soumya wants to tell everyone the truth about Harman. Because once they come to know about his truth, they will automatically get him out of the house. Harman is amazed. Mahi tells Preeto that she has got a shocking thing from Harman’s belongings. Preeto is also surprised to see this. Soumya is going to Preeto. Harman chases her.

Virat is standing upset. Nayantara goes to him. She tells Virat that if Virat is unhappy, he can share his pain with her. She adds that she knows that their relationship is not so strong but still they can try to know each other. Virat wants to talk to her but then Nayantara gets a call from someone. She gets scared of seeing this.

There Harak asks Preeto to make tea. But then he sees Preeto upset. He asks her why the colour of her face is blown. Preeto shows him some pictures of them and Soumya. She tells him that she got it from Harman’s room. Harak wants to know what she was doing in his room.

Mahi then reveals that she went to Harman’s room. And after much searching she found it. Harak is not happy with her actions. He asks her what was need of all this. Then Mahi says that she suspected Harman as she saw him coming from Soumya’s room. And now her suspicion has changed to believe that something is cooking between these two.

Harman asks Soumya whether this is her last decision. She then answers yes. Harman decides that if this is the case, he will tell the truth to his family members. There Kamini and Nayantara tell a false story to Virat and his family. They say that Nayantara has a brother who started to do wrong things, then they threw him out of the house. But he wants to talk to them. Just then, her brother’s call comes and tells her that he is standing outside Virat’s house.

Further, Soumya and Harman look at the dishevelled faces of Harak and Preeto and ask them what has happened. Then Preeto and Harak ask Soumya whether she knew Harman. And if she knew why she didn’t tell them. Mahi asks Soumya to tell the truth. She tells Soumya that she should swear on Preeto and tells what is the truth. Soumya decides that she will tell them everything today.

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