Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 6 April 2021 Written Update – Simran comes back

At the beginning of the episode, Virat tells to heer to a milkshake for him. While she is going to him to give him a milkshake she sees that he is enjoying tea made by his mother. She angrily says to him that you told me that you don’t like tea in the morning and ask me to make a milkshake. Then he says now I don’t want to drink. He asks her to clean her room and goes to the bathroom. While Simran enters the house of Soumya when Mahi sees her she asks her what are you doing here? And who called you? Then Soumya says that I caller her here. Mahi says that she herself left the house and also she is carrying an illegitimate child. If she is happy and married then it’s all because of heer. Because of heer Rohan agrees to get married to her and give her child the name of the father, but still, she left. Then Soumya says you don’t have to worry for that they will sort it out.

Heer goes to Virat’s room for cleaning and she is shocked to see his room as it is so messed up. But she arranges and cleans his room in a way which virat likes. She puts the flowers in a vase. But after seeing the room Virat gets angry and says who told you that I like such a room. Then Heer says why you are doing all this to me and he says so that you get to know how does it feel when someone close to your heart hurts you. He says to her that I’ll hurt you so much that you will forget yourself. He again messes up the room and ask her to clean it. While she slips from the table and he don’t even help her and says correct your habit of falling because no one can take care of you now.

Preeto and harak Singh gets happy after seeing Simran. Soumya goes to Rohan and tells him to come with her as Simran has come and she is waiting. He says but what if she insults you then Soumya makes him understand that she also wants this relationship to work. Then Parmeet says to sant baksh singh that we should get Virat married. For which he agrees. Rohan also gets happy to see her and asks her how is she. Preeto, harak singh and Soumya everyone says to her that now we assure you that you will be happy here and you will get lots of love.

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