Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9 April 2021 Written Update – Soumya doubts Jeet

At the beginning of the episode, Harak Singh and every man enters in the function, then Preeto Says don’t you understand that today men are not allowed in this function. Rohan starts the song and everyone starts dancing. Jeet goes to the kitchen and leaves the gas on. Mahi says that she could die in the kitchen. He says that Soumya has taken away everything from you even your happiness so let me what I’m doing or keep crying like this. Soumya takes Mahi to dance with everyone. Mahi pretends that she is feeling dizzy and Soumya says that wait I’ll get some lemon water for you.

Virat’s mother raises her hand to slap Heer but she stops her before she could slap. Heer says only my family has this right. When Soumya goes to the she slips and shouts. Everyone goes to the kitchen to see her. Rohan asked to Soumya are you okay as she is lying in the kitchen. He goes into the kitchen and helps her to get up. Everyone asks how this is happened to which she says I’ll tell you everything but before that close all the doors and windows. She says to Rohan that we should first got to Simran. There she tell that again someone tries to attack me by taking the advantage of the crowd.

Jeet’s hands were filled with oil so she doubts him. After this Heer says to the girls that would you guys leave cause we need some privacy to talk. She says to Virat’s mother that before raising her hand on me at least you should have asked me that why I have did this. She says that Virat told her to choose a girl for him. His mother asks him that is heer telling the truth? He says yes. His mother says that you have promised me that you marry a girl of my choice and now you are insulting me in front of everyone. Heer says that’s Why I left you so that you can live happily with your family and I can live peacefully, so now please stop bothering me.

Both Heer and Soumya are getting ready to go to the temple. Soumya tells preeto in front of jeet that she is going to Durga maa temple which is near the wide ground. She says that every year there is a big fair on Navratri and I’m going there to pray for Heer. Preeto knows everything as Soumya told her and she also plans that she will catch the jeet red-handed. Preeto says that you God bless you for the work you are going for.

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