Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 14 June 2021 Spoiler -Anokhi gets a shocking news

In the upcoming episode, Shaurya will come to the college and Anokhi calls him PS like always. He will ask her not to call him PS anymore and gives her sweets to eat. She will ask why he is giving her sweets. He will tell Anokhi that he is going to marry Shagun. As she is right for her.

Will Shaurya marry Shagun?

Up till now, Anokhi thinks to leave Ahir’s house without informing Babli. Ahir tries to stop her but she doesn’t hear him. Babli arrives there at the same time. She gets angry knowing that Anokhi was trying to leave the house. She scolds her. Astha appears to Anokhi which gives a huge shock to Anokhi. Astha wanna know why she left Shaurya. Anokhi doesn’t wanna tell her anything so she makes excuses that she needs to go to college. After this, Anokhi leaves from there and comes to the college. There she sees Shaurya hides behind the pillars. Later she collides with college students who start bothering her and making fun of her. She gets dizzy. Shaurya notices that. He then takes her to her home and later finds out that Anokhi still loves him.