Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15 June 2021 Written Update -Shaurya meets Ramesh

Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi ki Kahaani is keeping the viewers engaged with its amazing plot and lots of twists and turns. In the upcoming videos, viewers will be treated with plenty of twists and turns for complete entertainment.

As the episode begins, we see that Anokhi is worried about Shaurya.
Shaan and Shaurya are walking back together. Shaan is happy that Shaurya has accepted Astha as his mom. Shaurya says he wants to keep this a secret from the family for some time. Shaan asks him to share this as soon as possible. Shaurya says their happiness is all thanks to Anokhi.

Anokhi talks to her mother and tells that she is very happy here. Rama says she is missing both her daughters and that Raja has left college.
Devi is worried about Shaurya. She asks Shaan if he knows anything. Shaan tells that Shaurya has gone to Patiala. Tej asks on whose permission Shaurya went, so Shaan says that he is his son and he can send him anywhere.
Shaurya clicks a selfie and puts it up on social media to make Anokhi worried. Kanchan is helping Astha, Ahir and Babli in wedding preparation. They are all very happy with the news. Anokhi tries to find Shaurya but he hides.

At Anokhi’s home, Papa ji is sharing his concerns about Raja’s rude behaviour with him. Shaurya reaches their house and he introduces himself to them. Shaurya praises Anokhi in front of Rama and Ramesh. He says that it is sad that they couldn’t be a part of Anokhi’s successes. He tells them that he wants to get married to Anokhi and is there to seek their permission. Ramesh asks Shaurya why he has come alone without his parents. He tells her that he is from Shabherwal family and his mother is Astha. Ramesh tells Shaurya that Anokhi had run away from her wedding, but Shaurya says he knows everything.


Anokhi is surprised to see Ahir and Babli happily enjoying their meal. They say they must celebrate Anokhi’s sacrifice of his love. Babli is later thinking if she said a bit too much to Anokhi, but Ahir says they are doing it all for her happiness. Babli is not sure if her father will give Shaurya permission to marry Anokhi, but Ahir says Shaurya is very stubborn and will convince them for sure.

Shaurya tells Anokhi’s parents that he is very proud of Anokhi because she has changed his life for better. He says thank you to them for raising such a fine daughter. He says they can get married without their permission as they are both adults, but he would never want that. He requests them to be a part of the wedding. Ramesh gives his permission.

Shaurya asks if Ramesh gave permission because they are Shabherwals, but Ramesh says Anokhi has changed his opinions and perspective. Shaurya tells them that once they come to know all that Anokhi went through, they will be very proud of her.
Will Shaurya be able to keep this secret from Anokhi? What will Anokhi do?

Episode end