Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 17 June 2021 Written Update -Shaurya is disappointed with Devi

Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi ki Kahaani is keeping the viewers engaged with its amazing plot and lots of twists and turns. In the upcoming videos, viewers will be treated with plenty of twists and turns for complete entertainment.

As the episode begins, we see that Shaurya tells Anokhi that he wants to settle down with Shagun. He says he is very happy and he wants Babli to plan his wedding and Anokhi should help her in this. Anokhi agrees and goes away from there, heart-broken. Shaurya thinks if she is stubborn, so is he. Anokhi quarrels with another student because she is upset.

Devi asks Tej why he is ready to accept everything Shaurya says. Tej tells her that she should accept whatever Shaurya says, otherwise he will leave this house and go to Astha. If she wants to keep him close, then she should help in wedding festivities. Devi says she hates Anokhi, but Tej laughs saying she has not choice but to accept Anokhi.

Babli continues the charade of planning Shaurya’s wedding with Shagun. Babli asks for Anokhi’s help and asks her to choose the theme for wedding. Anokhi is taken aback by all this but she does it all grudgingly.

Shaurya tells all this to Astha. They have some sweet mother-son moments. Astha tells Shaurya that she will help in all the wedding preparations but will not be able to attend the functions, since Tej and Devi don’t like her. Shaurya is upset that how she could care more for others and not be a part of his wedding for others. Shaurya says he doesn’t care what others think. He will balance both his relationships with Badi Ma and Bade Papa as well as his mother. Astha agrees to attend.


Shaurya messages Anokhi about wedding planning to tease her. Anokhi cries and says she will also be there.
Badi Ma and bade Papa decide not to go the shagun function. Shaurya is upset so Kanchan tells him that Devi faked her heart-attack to get him engaged to Shagun. Shaurya goes to Tej and Devi and says she is disappointed with both of them. He says they took advantage of his emotions just to stop him from marrying Anokhi. He says they have lost his trust but he still loves them and he wants them to attend his wedding.

Babli has made very good preparations for the functions. Anokhi’s parents also come to the function. Rama is very pleased to see Babli. Ramesh also praises Babli’s skill for decoration. Babli introduces them to Shaurya’s family and ACP Ahir. Babli takes them to their room so that Anokhi doesn’t see them.
Anokhi reaches the venue and Shaurya is mesmerised by her beauty.

Episode end