Shivani Gosain: Somehow TV is still not ready for realistic content

Realistic stories are doing well on screen. And, Pratigya 2 actor Shivani Gosain is happy to see that the time has come for good realistic cinema to coexist with usual masala films. However, things are different on the tube.

“Somehow TV is still not ready for realistic content. Even if they start with one that stays only for an initial couple of episodes and then they take the usual route of regular TV dramas filled with twists and turns. I also feel a very limited audience on TV wants to see such content otherwise most of them still enjoy larger-than-life portrayals, kitchen politics etc. So makers give that for TRPs,” she says.

Talking about that one thing that she would like to change on TV if given a choice, she adds, “I always feel the typical look that is given to characters in shows needs to change. In today’s time people do not dress up or look like them in daily life in the house or even while going out for walks, shopping etc. So we should dress our onscreen character like how people do in present times and make it more relatable to the audience,” she adds.

Ask how the entertainment industry has changed from the time she got here and now, and she replies, “Earlier there used to be a short team, things were systematic and professional, and there was less chaos. Talent and hard work were valued, and there was a time limit for working hours and payments. Now every department head has their number of assistants, and there is no work limit, there is a lot of chaos and that too for unnecessary things. I also feel people have become less professional. They value less for talent and hard work and give more importance to social media and the follower count one has.”

With so much uncertainty around in terms, more so with the devastating work-life balance has become a concern for many. Agreeing, Shivani adds, “I am a full-time actor and have dedicated my all to this job. But with so much uncertainty and insecurity I am also finding my ways to stay stable while staying in this profession that I love the most.”