Sirf Tum 15 January 2022 written update – Ranveer saves Suhani again

At the beginning of the episode, Suhani checks Ranveer’s hand. Ranveer says he is alright and it is just a small sprain but Suhani gives him first-aid. Ranveer thanks her. Meeta says she is hungry. Ranveer says he will bring something to eat. Suhani also goes along with him. Suhani also feels hungry on the way, so Ranveer tells her to rest there and he will find some fruits. Ranveer draws a square around her and tells her to stay within that.

Ranveer comes back with fruits but sees Suhani gone. Ranveer gets angry at Suhani and looks for her. He finds Suhani standing near a tree. He scolds her for going out of the square. He tells her to come with him but she stays still. A hand comes out from behind the tree and puts a knife on Suhani’s neck. Some men come out of the hiding and ask for money. Ranveer tells them that they do not have anything as they were in an accident, but they ask for his watch.

Ranveer gives them his watch and wallet. The goons ask Suhani to give her chain also. She resists as it is her grandmother’s chain. One man tries to snatch the chain, hurting Suhani on the neck with knife. Ranveer hits the men black and blue. Three men attack him simultaneously. Ranveer tells Suhani to go from there but she does not go. Two men hold her back and try to take her chain. Ranveer gets up again and hits them. The men finally get scared and run from there, leaving his watch and wallet. Ranveer hits one man badly. Suhani stops him. Ranveer tells him not to touch her.

Rakesh reaches the spot. Police and dean stop him from going ahead. Vikrant and Mamta also reach there and ask about Ranveer. Dean says rescue team and police are doing their work and they are taking time as it is getting dark. Rakesh and Mamta refuse to go from there.

Ranveer and Suhani reach to Meeta and ward boys. Meeta tells him that she was able to get her phone and send their location to dean. Ranveer says rescue team will only reach by morning and they will have to spend the night there itself. They find stick for fire. Suhani tries to light fire by rubbing two stones. Suhani asks Ranveer why he hit that man so much. She asks why he remains so angry when he is so caring about others. Ranveer stays quiet.

Ranveer tells her that the reason for his anger is his father. He tells that he came to know fifteen years back that Vikrant has been cheating on his mother but Mamta could not say anything and that led to his anger issues. Meeta and othes come back. They decide to take some rest. Suhani puts spray on Ranveer’s hand and bandages it.

Suhani thinks her parents must be worried about her but she cannot even speak to them. They sleep under a tree. Ranveer gets up and sees Suhani sleeping on his shoulder. He wakes her up. Rescue team reaches them finally. Ranveer tells them to take the ward boys on stretcher as they are more injured.

Episode ends