Sirf Tum 25 November 2021 written update – Vikrant throws a party

At the beginning of the episode, Suhani tries to escape from ragging. Seniors call her for performing but she runs away. 

Guests arrive for the party. They wonder why Vikrant has thrown such a grand party. Reporters ask Vikrant and Mamta to pose for photos. Vikrant tells Mamta that Ranveer must come or the consequences will be bad. Mamta says Ranveer will definitely come.

Vikrant’s friend, Shashi comes with his daughter, Riya. Vikrant’s father ask him why he is making such a huge announcement without asking Ranveer. Vikrant says he will never say no to all this. Hai father says he believes in humanity and ethics like him. Vikrant’s brother, Vikram also comes. His wife also comes and says Samaira is more deserving than Ranveer and she must be given a chance as she has topped in BBA. Vikram says this family has only one heir. She asks but where is the heir.

Ranveer comes for the party but still worries for Suhani. Vansh keeps John and Raghu busy. Ranveer calls them and tells them to keep an eye on Suhani. They assure him that everything is under control. Ranveer arrives. Mamta tells him not to argue with his father. Ranveer checks Mamta’s hand and scolds her for not taking care. Mamta says he is there to take care of her. Ranveer says Vikrant has kept this party to show off that he the best husband and father. He meets his grandfather warmly and others in the family. 

He calls Samaira, Hema Malini and asks when she is joining the business. Samaira says they do not even let her go to office. Ranveer assures her that he will make sure of that. Ranveer goes to talk to Vikrant. Mamta gets worried and tells him to change into suit. Suhani tries to escape but seniors follow her. 

Riya goes to Ranveer’s room. She lies on the bed and thinks it is her future room. Ranveer comes in to change. Riya hides. Ranveer changes and goes out. Vikrant announces that Ranveer has come, so he can announce the reason for this party. Riya tells Vikrant that they must first set the mood for the party. She dances with Vikrant, along with others.

John and Raghu call Ranveer to tell that Rishi is trying to rag Suhani, but Ranveer misses the call. They go into a classroom and Vansh locks them in. They get worried about Suhani. John says Ranveer will start riots in the college if anyone rags Suhani. They try to escape from the room. 

Vikrant announces that he and Mamta have thrown this party for their son, Ranveer. Mamta brings Ranveer.


Episode ends