Sonu Chandrapal: I am choosy while communicating with new people… can only talk to those from whom I get good vibes

Actress Sonu Chandrapal, who will be seen next in Dangal TV’s forthcoming show Professor Pandey Ke Paanch Parivar, reveals that she is an introvert. The actor shares more about her personality.

“I am an introvert and can’t talk to people easily or gel up with those I am meeting for the first time. I usually take time. If there are a lot of strangers I find it difficult to talk but once I become comfortable then I am a different person and become the most talkative. I am an introvert at the start. I am a very choosy individual too and cannot communicate with anyone and everyone. I can only talk to people from whom I get good vibes,” she says.

Sonu therefore takes time to make friends. “If anyone is putting effort and is a good person then slowly I get comfortable. But if I have to take the initiative then I find it difficult as I am shy,” she adds.

The actor tries to find joy in little things in life. “I want things in life but through my hard work. Spending time with friends and family, watching a movie at home, going for long drives are things that give me immense happiness,” she says.

Happiness is very subjective, and means different things to different people. “Every person’s idea of happiness is different. For me, I love spending time with my friends and family. I feel real happiness is those little things in life. One should not be materialistic and greedy as it won’t give you happiness. The expectations in life are not going to lessen but those little joys in life will give you happiness. My work makes me the happiest,” she adds.

Almost everyone has mood swings these days. Our fast paced lifestyle adds to it. “Everything depends on how you deal with it and you should not trouble others with it. I feel very irritated at times due to simple things, especially when I am trying to make someone understand something but the other person doesn’t. That’s when I try to be patient and control my feelings,” she shares.

Last three years of pandemic related stress has only added to it. However, that unprecedented time has also taught us a lot.

“I have been compassionate for years, my heart melts seeing someone in trouble and I always try to help them. I have some future plans too where I can possibly start a school for kids who are in need as their parents cannot afford it. A school can provide these kids with proper career guidance and resources. I might also get into politics for the welfare of people. Unfortunately, at times I have my limitations too,” she says.

Two things that immediately make Sonu happy are, “I order good food to change my bad mood, especially momos, pizza. Good food can drastically change my mood or amazing assignments and shoots make me feel happy.”