Sonu sood is doing a very noble job for our country: Salim Diwan

“Bollywood Diaries” and short film “The Perfect Scream” actor Salim Diwan is all praise for his good friend and actor Sonu Sood. The latter emerged like a messiah to millions of the migrant labourers during the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic and when the second wave hit the country, he once again helped many with emergency medical facilities.

Well, Salim too helped Sonu in his initiative by providing the much-needed Remdesivir injections to him. His pharmaceutical company Kamla Lifesciences, a manufacturing unit of Cipla, is producing these injections.

Talking about his meeting with Sonu, Salim said, “It was really very awesome. Actually, we have been friends for a very long time and during this difficult time of the pandemic, he approached me for Remdesivir injection, which is in great demand during these days. After he reached us, we started the distribution of injections to needy people as per our capacity, and I must say Sonu Sood is doing a very noble job for our country, so we as a citizen also did our bit to help and serve our country.”

Well, though he has a well-established pharma business, Salim is passionate about his love for acting. “For me acting is about the art of it and it’s about being on a film set and doing your thing. I would say it’s like painting a black canvas,” he said.

But are you picky about the projects that you do? He said, “Yes, I am very choosy with my work and I don’t feel like working with any project until unless I like the concept. Sometimes it’s like I loved the project but didn’t get a chance to work in the same, and many times it was like I was getting a break with projects but it was not something I liked and so I didn’t take a step forward.”

Salim confessed that he always wanted to become an actor and shared that it’s quite funny how he landed his first role. “I entered the industry through an audition of my film ‘Bollywood Diaries’. When I auditioned for my part, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my performance so I wanted to give another try, but at that time the audition team, including Director K.D. Satyam were leaving so it wasn’t easy to convince them. But in the end they were ready to audition me again and from that moment my dream journey started,” he said.

He also accepted that he was fascinated with the glam and glitter of the industry, and said that it is one of the reasons why people want to become an actor.

“Along with the love and admiration that the audience has for celebrities, there are some other factors that attract people to enter into the world of films and make a professional career in it. These can be because of the luxurious life, good income, recognition, popularity, glamour, high standard living and so on,” Salim concluded.