Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 11 June 2021 Written Update -Mahi is dead?

Zee TV’s popular show Teri Meri Ikk Jindri is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Jogi ask to everyone who shot Mahi. Jogi said that he has reason to doubt on them. Jogi ask them to listen carefully. Jogi said if anything happens to Mahi, then he will not spare anyone. Jogi said that he is not Mahi who forgive everyone. Jogi said that he will kill him, who shot Mahi. Jogi leaves from there.

The doctor said that the operation is successful. Jogi gets happy and thank to God. The doctor ask Jogi to complete him. The doctor says that if Mahi doesn’t open her eyes in 24 hours , then he can’t do anything. Jogi ask doctor to stay with her. The doctor said that her wife is keeping fast for her, so he has to go. Jogi ask to Rupa about vat Savitri. Rupa told him the story of vat Savitri. Jogi said that he will keep fast for Mahi. Jogi said he will bring Mahi’s life from Yamraj. Jogi says that he will not eat anything.

Seema sees them from outside. Rupa and Seema is praying to God. Rupa ask Seema not to worry about Mahi, she will get fine. Seema praises Jogi’s love. Rupa said that Mahi shot in Pappu’s house. Rupa ask her to stay away so that they can save everyone. Rupa ask Seema to go home. Rupa says that Jogi will take care of Mahi.

Jogi drinks water to Mahi. Jogi is taking care of Mahi. Jogi cares Mahi and wear her bangles in her hand. Jogi is waiting for Mahi to wake up. Jogi ask Mahi to wake up. Jogi says that he will everything for her. Jogi talks to Mahi about her work. Jogi said that she always ready to fight, but why she didn’t fight right now. Jogi request Mahi to open her eyes. Jogi ask Mahi to give him strength. Jogi ask Mahi to talk to him. Jogi said that he is going if she is not talking to him. Jogi is about to leave, but Mahi start singing a song. Jogi gets emotional and said that she get scared of loosing him. Jogi hugs Mahi.


Mahi’s condition is getting worse and she is struggling in breathing. Jogi get tensed. Mahi falls unconscious. Jogi ask Mahi to wake up. Jogi calls the nurse. The nurses checks Mahi. The nurse said that her heartbeat stops. Jogi and Rupa get Shocked. Rupa start crying. Jogi get panic and said that she was talking to him. Jogi hugs Mahi and get shocked. Jogi starts reciting a poem. Rupa looks on. Mahi gains her heartbeat. Jogi gets happy to see her alive. Mahi says something in Jogi’s ears. Rupa ask what she says. Mahi complete his poem and says that nothing will happen to her, if he is with him. Everyone gets happy. The song start playing. Jogi and Mahi looks at each other and get happy.

Episode end