Thapki Pyar Ki 15 January 2022 written update – Purab confronts Thapki

At the beginning of the episode, Purab says that now will start flying kites. Purab says that this time also he will fly his kite high and no on is able to cut his kite. Sagar says because only boys are best at flying kites. Priyanka says that today they will show thes men that they can also fly kites. Amma says maybe this time Thapki will beat Purab. Thapki says ofcourse they will together can do it. Priyanka, sargam and Priyanka makes the team. Thapki tries to ties manjha with kite but is unable to do it. 


Purab goes to her and says that he will help her. Thapki says that she don’t need his help. He says that she is not able to do it and let him help her. Thapki got a cut from manjha then Purab helps her. Then everyone started flying kites. Anshul and Preeti also arrives at the function. Amma ask anshul where is Jaya and his father. He says that Jaya is not feeling well and his father is busy. So they both came and will enjoy there. Amma ask them to enjoy. Anshul goes to sargam and helps her.


Then Purab ask him to support them not his rival team. Purab’s manjha got stuck then Thapki goes to help him. She says that Anshul also helped them so she is just returning the favour. Hansika also comes and supports the men’s team. She says that she will always support her best friend. Priyanka says this is not fair. Purab and Thapki’s kite got stuck with each other. Amma says that even in the sky they are not able to stay away from each other. Hansika says she will come between them and create distance between their kites.


She tries to cut Thapki’s kite but her own kite got cut by Thapki. On her kite initials of Hansika and Purab is written with heart. She sees it. Thapki ask Hansika what is this? She says that she has written the initial of Thapki TH but T is removed. The match is about to tie. Sargam says they have to do something. Ansul says that they will create a competition between Thapki and Purab again. But during the competition Thapki leaves the kite by herself and let Purab win. Purab goes to her and ask him what happened? He says he is her husband it’s his right to know everything.


Purab says that only those people have this right who loves their wife not just fulfilling a responsibility. she says that she is happy that he is fulfilling the promise which he made to her mother.