Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17 January 2022 written update: Anurag saved Multhi

At the beginning of the episode, an NRI family arrived at Arjun’s home and decided to marry their son to Multhi. Naina captured a photo of Multhi and that boy and send it to Opu. Opu thought that Multhi betrays him. Kajol asked Opu not to doubt his love. Kajol thought that if Multhi really love Opu, then she will try to complete their love story. Multhi recognized whatever happened in her home and started crying. Multhi decided to kill herself, she took out a cloth and tied it to the fan. Shreya opened Multhi’s room door so that she can run out of the house. Multhi want to hang herself but she observed that someone opened the door.

Multhi packed her luggage and move out of the house. Anurag was sitting in his car and listening to the radio, at the same time Kajol was in her room and listening to the same radio channel. Anurag called the radio jockey and asked him to convey the message on his behalf of him at the radio channel. Kajol listened to everything and recognized all the moments she has spent with Anurag. Multhi sit in a cab and direct him towards Opu’s home, but the cab driver took her somewhere else. Multhi came out of the cab and started shouting. Suddenly Anurag arrived there and started beating that cab driver. That cab driver ran away from there. Anurag asked where she was going? Multhi started crying.

Anurag took Multhi to Kajol’s home. Kajol gets shocked after watching Multhi with her luggage. On the other hand, Anandita gets to know that Multhi ran away from the house, she gathered everyone. Arjun gathered the security staff to inquire about Multhi. Naina was getting worried about Multhi. Shreya said she went into Multhi’s room and she found Naina’s earring there. The whole family started doubting at Naina. Anurag informed everything to Kajol. Kajol shows gratitude towards Anurag for saving Multhi from a cab driver. Opu also arrived there. Opu said after watching the picture of Multhi with that NRI guy, he thought that she want to marry that guy.

Multhi asked how Opu can think that? Kajol asked Opu to apologize in front of Multhi. Anandita asked why Naina helped Multhi to run out of the house? Naina said if she want to help Multhi, then she had never informed everyone about Multhi’s affair. Shreya asked why Naina’s earring was there in Multhi’s room? Naina said an earring can fall anywhere. Kaushik said he will find out the real culprit. Anurag asked does Opu really loves Multhi? Opu said he loves Multhi more than anyone else. Kajol said she and Anurag will help Opu and Multhi to complete their love story.