Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18 January 2022 written update: Arjun called the police

At the beginning of the episode, Anurag arrived at Kajol’s home with Multhi. Kajol thanks Anurag for saving Multhi from the cab driver. Kajol asked Multhi to go home because it’s midnight. Multhi said her father kept her inside a room and he took her mobile phone. Kajol said a parents can’t think wrong about their child. Multhi said if she will go back to her home then she will not be able to meet Opu again. Multhi said her parents only love money and they can do anything for the money. Anurag said Multhi is right. Shreya blamed Naina for helping Multhi to run out of the house. Naina started shouting and asked Shreya not to blame her for anything.

Anandita started crying and asked how Multhi can run out of home for a middle-class guy Opu. Kaushik shouted at security guards. Anurag said Kaushik has a cheap mentality. Kajol said she can’t help Multhi to ran away from her family. Anurag said Kajol need to help Multhi. Opu said he can marry Multhi now so as to keep her at our home. Naina said someone planned everything and helped Multhi to run away. Naina blamed Shreya for everything. Anandita asked why Shreya will help Multhi? Shreya said she always wants to keep Multhi on a right track. Naina said Shreya felt jealous from her and she asked Arjun to believe her.

Arjun asked Naina to stay quiet. Kaushik asked Arjun to call the police. Arjun called the police and asked them to come with the whole team. Naina was trying to call Kajol but she didn’t pick up the call. Kajol said she will talk to Multhi’s family regarding Multhi and Opu’s marriage. Multhi said her family hates Kajol and that’s why she will not listen to her. Naina called on landline, Kajol was going to pick the call but Multhi stopped her. Opu breaks the landline. Chandana and everyone gathered there. Chandana asked what is going on? Opu said he will marry Multhi today. Kaushik asked the police inspector to put Kajol, Opu, and Chandana in jail.

Anurag asked Opu to stay calm. Opu said he will not think about the society and do whatever feels right to him. Arjun informed police that Kajol’s family kidnapped Multhi. Anurag said he will help Opu and Multhi to marry each other. Naina asked Kaushik not to put her family in the jail. Kaushik said he will not stay quiet and ruin Opu’s life. Chandana said Opu can’t marry Multhi because she is Arjun’s sister. Kajol said Multhi want to kill herself and we can’t send her back to home. Kajol said we should support Opu and Multhi for their marriage.