Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani written update 16 January 2022 weekly

In the last week we saw that, Anurag and Kajol meets at Haridwar, there they spent a night together and created few memories. Anurag show his love towards Kajol and put ring in her hand. Anurag and Kajol arrived back to the Kolkata. Anurag informed his aunt that he decided to marry Priyanka and want to stay away from Kajol. Anurag’s aunt asked does Priyanka is blackmailing Anurag to stay away from Kajol? Anurag said he is doing everything to save Kajol from problems and asked her not to ask anything again. Shreya informed everyone that her father want to invest in Arjun’s project. Arjun’s aunt said Shreya is real player.

Naina said she is also share holder in her father’s business and that’s why she can arrange money for Arjun’s project. Naina informed everyone that Opu and Multhi are loving each other. Anandita said she will talk to Multhi. Multhi called Opu and asked him to inform everyone about their relationship. Opu said he need some time because he is not financially independent. Suddenly Naina arrived in Multhi’s room. Naina asked Multhi to come downstairs.

Later Multhi came downstairs. Anandita took Multhi’s phone and read the conversation between Opu and Multhi. Multhi’s father asked Multhi to stay away from Opu. Multhi said she loves Opu and she can’t stay away from him at any cost. Multhi’s father took Multhi’s phone and asked her to stay inside the home all the time. Multhi started crying, Anandita took her to the room. Opu was worried because Multhi’s phone was switched off. Priyanka wear bathing gown and entered in Anurag’s room. Anurag thought that she is Kajol that’s why he express his love towards her. Anurag shouted at Priyanka and asked her to leave from there. Anurag’s aunt arrived in Anurag’s room and asked Priyanka to leave Anurag for Kajol.

Later Arjun come to Multhi’s room. Arjun said love is just an illusion and Opu is not a good guy for her. Multhi said Arjun married to Opu’s sister but Opu’s family is not appropriate. Arjun said he don’t want Multhi to make connections to Opu’s family and leaves from there. Opu arrived inside the Arjun’s home through a window to meet Multhi. Anandita asked Opu to leave from there. Opu said he need to meet Multhi. Arjun throw Opu out of his house.

Naina took Opu to her home and informed everyone that Opu entered in Arjun’s home through a window to meet Multhi. Naina said Multhi is not interested in Opu that’s why she is ignoring him and she is going to marry an NRI guy soon. Opu said he and Multhi are serious for each other and that’s why want to marry her. Kajol said if Multhi will confess that she loves Opu then she will try to bring them together at any cost. Priyanka went for shopping and called Anurag but he ignored her call. Priyanka was waiting for Anurag at the shop and she get angry.

Priyanka arrived at Anurag’s home and shouted at him for not coming to shop for outfit selection. Priyanka said if Anurag will not follow her orders then she will punish Kajol for that. Later NRI family arrived at Arjun’s home. Multhi was not smiling in front of everyone. Naina send picture of Multhi and that NRI guy. Opu started crying and said Multhi betrays him. Guests like Multhi and said they want to make Multhi their daughter-in-law. Guests leave from there. Kaushik said his business will get more profitable if Multhi will marry that guy. Kajol asked Opu not to doubt on his love and asked him to observe the situation.

How Kajol will help Opu to get his love?

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani”.

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