Udaariyaan 13 January 2022 written update – Jasmine plots against Tejo

At the beginning of the episode, Jasmine was talking to Angad and say’s mission accomplished. Angad ask if anyone noticed her or not. Jasmine says everything happened under the dark night. Fateh was searching for Tejo. Satti tells Rupy that we should bring Jasmine back home. Rupy says she is right if she would staying here then she won’t harm Tejo. Jasmine tells Angad that now she will go to the police station. Angad asked what else is left now. Jasmine says why you are worrying as it was a fake accident. After she disconnected the phone Jasmine thought Angad doesn’t know that it’s a real accident.

Fateh saw Tejo and hugged her tightly. He was very scared and says he can’t lose her for the second time. Students were coming searching for them. Fateh apologies for hugging like this. One of the students asked Tejo how she got hurt on her hand. Tejo said she fell down. Fateh was feeling happy as Tejo didn’t scold him as he came so close to her.

Fateh saw a boy was misbehaving with his girlfriend. He took him out and slapped him. Fateh telt him to respect a girl is she is saying no. The Boy says don’t talk about respect as we are aware about his love triangle. Fateh say’s its necessary to guide you all so that you won’t do the same mistake. Fateh made him apologize to that girl. Fateh told them to go back to your camps.

Jasmine called at the police station and informed them about an accident. Jasmine was feeling happy and eat sweets.

The next day all the students were returning from the camp. Bujjo calls Fateh and says his parents agreed for the marriage. Tejo heard this and felt happy. Bujjo says his dad will meet Khusveer if he will got to know that Khushever uncle is against this marriage then it will be a big problem. Fateh says not to worry he will do something. Tejo came to Fateh and sat there. Fateh was leaving but she told him sit here only just don’t talk with me. After a while, Tejo slept on Fateh’s shoulder. They reached the college but Fateh didn’t wake her. Tejo wakes and asks whether they reached. Fateh says yes. Tejo stepped down but her cloth end got stuck. Fateh help her out.