Udaariyaan 15 January 2022 written update – Tejo learns shocking news

At the beginning of the episode, Khushveer apologized to some students that he couldn’t build a hospital for them Fateh got to know this as he was passing by. Tejo was teaching Dilraaj. He was joking with her Rupy tells Satti that see our Tejo is back. Khushveer came home and asked who informed the marriage bureau about Simran. Fateh said he contacted them. Khusveer asked whether he asked this to Sirman or not. Fateh says she won’t tell anything but they have to do something for her. Khusveer told Gurpreet to ask Simran whether she is happy with this decision. Gurpreet went to Simran and asked what she wants. Simran said she is happy with their decision as they won’t take any wrong decision. Nimmo tauntingly says what would be their reaction after knowing that she is already having a child. Bebe scolds her and said Fateh would have already mentioned all this.

Simran was a little worried ad she doesn’t want to hurt anyone this time. Fateh told her to believe in Tejo’s decision as knows how to handle dad. Bujjo was also there on the phone and said he trust Tejo. Fateh texted Tejo and informed her that the plan started.

The next day Tejo came to college and got to know that Fateh participated in a wrestling match. She heard everyone saying that the opponent fighter is very dangerous. Tejo went to Fateh and scolded him for doing all this. She told him why he doing all this to gain her sympathy. Tejo says from this match he would get a charity amount through which he can build a hospital as dad promised everyone. Fateh says like this he would get the lost respect.

A family came to look for Simran. They were insulting Simran by saying that she is already having a child. Khusveer got furious after knowing that the boy of overaged. He told them that bhe won’t give his daughter to a man of double age. Then they went off from there. Fateh came out and thanked Tejo for the idea. Angad was hearing their conversation. Tejo says don’t think that she will forgive him. Angad was thinking about when Jasmine will start her plan as he can’t wait for any more. He was calling her but she wasn’t picking his call.

Vrick’s were talking to a lady about Simran’s marriage. She told them that she knows a guy who would accept Simran. Khushever told her to bring them here in the afternoon. Amrik was trapped inside a room and he was shivering. Jasmine enters the room.