Udaariyaan 14 January 2022 written update – Angad grows anxious

At the beginning of the episode, Tejo saw Rupy was a little worried. He was thinking about Jasmine’s threat. Tejo told him not to think much about Jasmine she won’t do anything. Rupy tells Satti that he is going to bring back Jasmine. She hopes that Jasmine comes back with him. Rupy thought if she won’t come then he will go to the police station. Fateh was telling Bujjo and Simran about the trip and how he spend time with Tejo.

The next day Tejo was getting ready for college. She came across with a rose and think about Fateh. On the other hand, Fateh talks to Khusveer about Simran’s marriage. He told him that he was also thinking about this. Fateh tells him that we can consider Bujjo for Simran. Khusveer told him that this time he won’t listen to anyone and he will take this decision.

Rupy went to the police station and requested them to come with him as his daughter is doing something wrong these days. They went with him and raided Jasmine room. Jasmine was trying to stop them. Tejo came to college and saw Fateh was a little worried. She went to him and asked what happened. Fateh told her that dad is against Simran’s marriage. Tejo tells him not to worry he will think something about it. Dilrajt called Fateh and told him that today Tejo didn’t dump your Rose. Fateh got happy to hear this.

The police didn’t get anything from Jasmine. Rupy was forcing Jasmine to come with him. The police officer told him that he can’t force her like this as she is an adult now. Tejo came to Fateh with a plan to convince Khushever of Simran’s marriage. Angad was keeping an eye on them.

Angad went to Jasmine and told her how Tejo is getting close to Fateh. Jasmine mocks at him. She said he is like roadside Romeo and he will convince Tejo at any cost. Angad tells her to stop this nonsense and asks when she will start her plan. Jasmine tells him to wait as the plan wilt work slowly. Angad says Tejo will forgive him if she will take so much time. Jasmine says she is very strict she won’t forgive him easily. She told him that after her plan Tejo will get shocked. Angad was feeling that now he has to believe in her plan.