Udaariyaan 16 May 2022 written update: Fateh learns the truth

The episode starts with Tejo coming to Fateh. He was trying to come close but she pushed him back. Fateh asked why she didn’t come to the hospital and where she was for so long. Tejo asked about Amrik. Fateh acknowledged her about his demise. Tejo says she is sorry for his loss and she is very thankful to him for saving her life. Fateh says what she is speaking. Taniya told Fateh that she is not Tejo as she was sent by the Punjab police to solve the case.

Fateh says don’t joke. Taniya says this is not a joke. Fateh tells her to shut up and stop all this nonsense. Taniya tries to make him understand that she is not Tejo. Fateh says why she is saying like this and he won’t believe that she is not Tejo. Taniya told him to stay within his limits and this is the only truth that she is Taniya Gill. Fateh asks where is Tejo? Taniya told him that she died that day and it would be good for him to accept this.

Fateh was not ready to believe that she is not Tejo. Taniya was making him understand how she got to know that she look alike Tejo. Age told him that she got arrested in a robbery case. And one day one police inspector gave her work to trap a serial killer. She accept the offer and started training. She told him that she heard Tejo’s voice recording blaming Fateh for her death. The inspector was doubting Anagd behind all this. Fateh was shocked to hear all this. Fateh says she died thinking that he has killed her. He screams at Taniya for playing with Amrik’s life. Fateh. told her that he won’t forgive her.

Taniya says she is sorry for what all happened but this needs to be acknowledged. Fateh gets mad and shouts at god. Taniya said we all did this to catch the criminal. Taniya told him that we had to change the plan because he came in between. Taniya says this was the last chance to get the culprit. She told him that we got his confession. Fateh screams at Taniya for fooling Amrik. Taniya says she is alive because of Amrik so she can do anything in favor of him.