Udaariyaan 17 January 2022 written update: A good sign for Fateh!

At the beginning of the episode, Tejo was convincing Khusveer by saying that Simran loves Bujjo and he only helped Simran when no one was there. She tells him to think about Simran’s happiness. Khusveer say’s he wants her happiness but he is not able to forgive him. Tejo said he has to forgive her and give her a second chance. Khusveer say’s you can teach me this then why she don’t give Fateh a second chance.

Fateh apologizes to Bujjo parents for what all his dad told them. Suddenly Khusveer came there and said why he is apologizing as he will do it. Khusveer apologizes to Bujjo parent’s and said he doesn’t want her daughter to suffer because of him. Bujjo’s father accepted his apology and hugged him.

Amrik thanked Jasmine for helping him. Jasmine says she brought her out of the jail for her own motive. Amrik ask what she wants from him. Jasmine said his family has to do what she wants from them Tejo called Simran and gave her the good news that  uncle accepted the marriage proposal. Everyone was happy and feeding sweets to each other. Mahi say’s Amrik texted him that he will come after some day’s

Amrik was telling Jasmine that he will do anything for her but keep her family away. Jasmine says you are useless and she wants to take revenge from his family for every insult. Amrik begs in front her and says he will request them to apologize you. Fateh thanked Tejo for helping to fix the Simran’s alliance and ask if one day she will forgive him. Tejo slowly went away from there without saying anything.

Jasmine tells Amrik to remember how he killed a man while he was driving the car. Jasmine made him run from there by saying that she will handle everything. Jasmine say’s someone informed about your crime and he got arrested then she brought her out of the Jail. Jasmine was thinking that only she knows that the man is still alive. She threatens him that she will give a statement against him if he will not do what she will say.

Simran tells Gurpreet to make biryani for Fateh as today he will win the match. Khusveer was telling Bujjo’s father to fix the wedding date as soon as possible. Gurpreet say’s she is happy that he fixed everything with Bujjo’s father. Then she insists him to fix everything with Sandhu’s as they are also our family. Khusveer said he doesn’t want to keep relation with them.

Gurpreet was praying at Gurdwara. Tejo came there with her mom. Gurpreet and Satti meet together at the temple. Gurpreet ask if she knows anything about Jasmine. Satti said she is in this village only. Gurpreet say’s she is very much afraid of her threat. Angad went to meet Jasmine and ask how much more time she will take. Jasmine say’s everything is ready now it’s action time.