Udaariyaan 18 January 2022 written update: Jasmine notifies Fateh

At the beginning of the episode, Tejo woke up and saw today she didn’t receive any rose. She thinks about whether she should forgive Fateh or not. Dilraaj and Navraj were checking whether Tejo is searching for a rose or not. Through group chat, Tejo got to know that Fateh won the match. She feels happy for him. Suddenly she heard some noise and opened the door. Dilraaj and Navraj slip inside the room. Tejo ask what they were doing at door. Dilraaj was trying to distract her by showing an old video of Fateh’s fight.

Fateh was going to college. Bujjo called him and informed him that some boys are misbehaving with Rupy uncle.. There was a small dispute regarding land as they were trying to capture Rupy’s uncle’s land. After a heated argument, they started beating Rupy. Fateh came running to save him from them. Anyhow Fateh fought with them and saved Rupy. Then he picked him on his shoulder and moved to the hospital.

Tejo came to college and smiles looking at Fateh’s poster. One of the teachers asked if she will facilitate Fateh. Tejo made an excuse and denies doing that. Rupy was out of danger as Fateh reached the hospital on time. He told one nurse to inform her daughter. Tejo came running to the hospital. Fateh escaped from there without getting noticed. Tejo asked the nurse what happened? She told him that he got hurt and one boy bought him here.

Fateh was awarded at the college and Khusveer also came there. He was happy to see him and hugged Fateh. Tejo came back from the hospital and feels happy to see Khusveer feeling proud over Fateh. Later Tejo got to know through Bujjo that Fateh only saved Rupy uncle. She went to Fateh and congratulates him. She says you are changing now. Tejo asked how he got these wounds. Fateh lied her and request her to forgive him. Tejo says she thought he won’t ask for that as today he didn’t sent rose for her. Fateh presents a rose infront of her. Angad was watching them sitting in his car. Tejo accepted the rose mentioning that she is taking this for hia foodt works. After she left Fateh got a text from Jasmine that surprise is about to reach his house. Fateh rushed towards his house. Tejo wonders why he went running like this.