Udaariyaan 19 January 2022 written update: Tejo feels helpless

At the beginning of the episode, Amrik came back home and he was shivering out of scare. Fateh also came home and asked him what happened. Amrik acknowledged how Jasmine saved him by giving a fake statement. He told them that now she wants something back from us or else she will put him into trouble again. Fateh scolds him for believing her instead of coming to them. They were very scared of what Jasmine wanted from them. Amrik was crying and requesting them to save him. Fateh figured out that this was her surprise. Khusveer was against accepting any demand of Jasmine. On the other hand, Jasmine was feeling happy and celebrating her victory. She was thinking that now everything is under her control.

Jasmine thought of informing Angad as he is very impatient. on the next moment, she thought he might spoil her plan by interrupting in between. While Tejo was going back home Angad stopped her and forcibly took her in his car.

Jasmine was celebrating and thinking that all the Vrick family members would be standing around Amrik. Amrik was very scared and an telling them that he don’t want to go to jail. Fateh says it’s his mistake that he loved him. Jasmine thought Khusveer will not get convinced easily. Fateh tells Khusveer that we are totally trapped under Jasmine’s plan. After thinking for a while Khusveer tells Amrik to call her. Amrik called Jasmine and told her to come and say what she wants as they are ready to do anything.

Tejo was telling Angad to stop the car as he can’t force her like this. Angad took Tejo to a stanrage place. Tejo stepped down from the car and ran from there. Jasmine tells them to call her family too as she won’t repeat her demand. Gurpreet calls Satti and told her to come as soon as possible as Jasmine is coming with her surprise. Tejo was escaping from there but Angad came in front of her. He says why she is running as he loves her. Tejos says she only loves Fateh. Angad said he is a liar and betraying her. Tejo slapped him.

Satti and Rupy came to Vrick’s house. He told them he decided to send her Canda then only she will get normal. Suddenly Jasmine entered the house with a few dancers and started dancing in front of them. Everyone was looking at her confusingly.