Udaariyaan 19 May 2022 written update: Gurpreet enquires about Amrik

The episode starts with Rupy saying that this can’t be her Tejo. Fateh whispers to Jasmine about whether Rupy uncle got to know that she is not Tejo. Jasmine says she was already in a doubt. Rupy says if she is Tejo then she can’t stay far from us for so many days. Fateh says she had suffered a lot last six months. Taniya hugged Rupy.

Gurpreet says she was aware of this but Amrik took her promise from her so she didn’t reveal this to anyone. She asked where is Amrik as he promised her to bring Tejo back. She asked Fateh if he left him out. Gurpreet says he is hiding but not to worry she had convinced everyone that he will stay with his wife in this house only. Khusveer also says Amrik to come in he won’t say anything.

Fateh cries and hugged Gurpreet. She asked what happened and why he is crying like this. He told her that he is no more. Gurpreet slapped Fateh. Everyone was in shock. Gurpreet was not ready to accept that Amrik is no more. She started saying that he can’t do like this as he promised her that he will bring everyone with him. Fateh says he was about to come but before coming he lost his life. Gurpreet fell unconscious. Khusveer sat on his knee.

Gurpreet regained her consciousness and asked Fateh what happened over there. Fateh told her the whole story how Angad tried to kill Tejo and they tried to save her from Anagd’s trap. Taniya says he got hit by that bullet to save her. Taniya apologizes and blames herself for everything. Gurpreet says don’t say like this.

Jasmine apologized but Gurpreet pushed her back. She blamed Jasmine for taking him there. Fateh clam down her. Gurpreet says this girl has finished my son. Jasmine was giving justifications but Gurpreet said to remove this girl because she don’t want to see her face. Taniya comes with Amrik’s ash and gives it to Gurpreet. She cried after seeing that. The whole Vrick family was in shock.

Sandhu’s were leaving. Gurpreet requested Taniya not to go anywhere leaving her in pain. She requests her to stay for a night as they need her. Fateh request Sandhu to let her stay here. Satti told him itst fine. Taniya told Gurpreet that there is no Jasmine’s mistake forgive her too. Gurpreet says let her go because she never loved him.

The next day Vrick’s were performing puja for Amrik. Beji asked Taniya to bring puja plate. Taniya asks how to arrange it. Beji looks at Taniya weirdly. Fateh says she will manage everything. Fateh taunts Taniya for not knowing this little thing. Taniya gets irritated and told him that he can’t handle too many people as she is not Tejo. Fateh said he is just doing this for his mom or else he won’t accept anyone in Tejo’s place.