Udaariyaan 21 January 2022 written update: Tejo confronts Jasmine

At the beginning of the episode, Rupy was crying in front of his family and cursing Jasmine for putting them in trouble. Tejo says we need to be strong as Fateh and Khusveer uncle will find some solution. Khusveer and Fateh doubt that it’s Jasmine’s plan not an accident. They decided to go to the police station and find out the whole matter. Simran tells them that this time Jasmine is very dangerous.

Tejo was worrying about Amrik so she texted Fateh to know about his condition. Fateh texted back and requested can we meet as he will feel good. Later Fateh meets Tejo and told her that they decided to go to the police station. Tejo told him to be strong as you are the hope of everyone. Fateh tells Tejo that it’s her planning and someone is helping her in all this. Tejo said you have taken a good decision of going to the police station as this will prevent Jasmine. Fateh thanked her for giving confidence to him. Tejo said she will pray for the best. Then Fateh left from there. Tejo requests God to do something.

Tejo went to Gurdwara and tells God to save us from this problem innocent shouldn’t suffer. Tejo was tgit that there is something which they are not able to see. Simran brings Amrik’s favorite food. He was very scared and says he will get arrested and they will hang him. Mahi tells them not to think like this Fateh will not let anything happen. Fateh and Khusveer were going to the police station. Amrik tried to stop them saying that he will be in big trouble. Fateh tells him that it was just an accident but he was very much scared.

Tejo went to Jasmine. Jasmine says start your lecture. Tejo asks what she wants and what she will take to stop all this. Jasmine mocks at her saying she is worried whether Jasmine will marry to Fateh or not. She told Tejo that she is marrying Fateh to take revenge on the family. Tejo says why she is being so bad. Jasmine said all this is happening because of you. She blamed her for manipulating everyone against her. Tejo said she married Fateh because she denied marrying him. Tejo told it her it’s her own mistake then why she is troubling them. Jasmine say’s you all manipulated Fateh to divorce her.

Tejo tells him to think about their parents as they are suffering because of her. Jasmine told her that this was a befitting reply as they closed the door on my face. Tejo said if she won’t come close to Fateh of she will leave Amrik. On the other hand, Amrik was missing. Jasmine laughs at Jasmine and says her plan is all set and she is a little late.

Simran informed Fateh that Amrik is missing. Mahi got a note mentioning that he can’t live like this and he is ending his life. Fateh informed Tejo about Amrik’s missing news. Jasmine asked what happened why she looks so tense. Tejo told her that Amrik is missing and he left a suicide note. Jasmine got scared if Amrik does anything with himself then she would be in a big problem. Tejo came back home and they all were searching for him. Tejo found Amrik inside a bathtub and he was bleeding.