Udaariyaan 22 January 2022 written update: Fateh is concerned

At the beginning of the episode, Tejo found Amrik unconscious inside the bathtub. She screams and gathered everyone. Amrik was bleeding heavily as he cut his nerves. Gurpreet got fainted seeing so much blood. Tejo tells Mahi to handle Gurpreet a she is going to the hospital along with them. Khusveer , Fateh and Tejo took Amrik to the hospital. The doctor told them to call the police. Tejo said him to start the operation first as he is bleeding heavily.

The operation is was going on and they were waiting outside. Later the doctor came and told them that now he is out of danger. All the family members came to meet Amrik. Tejo said now they are shifting him to another room. After they all went to meet Amrik. He apologized for doing such a thing and said he was very much scared. Gurpreet told him not to worry nothing would happen as she came her. She tells Khusveer not to come close to Amrik. She blames him for his condition and says today if anything would have happen then she won’t forgive him. Tejo calms her and says she shouldn’t say all this to him as he is also hurt.

Fateh came to Khusveer and said her intentions were not that. Khusveer said she is right my strictness didn’t allow me to become a good father. Fateh hugged him tightly. Tejo came there and tells Khusveer that Amrik wants to meet you.

Khusveer came to Amrik and apologies. He tells Amrik that he just wants to help him. The nurse told the them that only one person can wait to stay here. Khusveer said he will stay with him. Gurpreet thanked Tejo for being there for them and tells Fateh to drop her. Fateh was going to drop Tejo. Tejo noticed his hands were shivering. He stopped the car and came out of the car. Fateh started crying and said he haven’t seen his dad so much weak. Tejo tells him not to become weak as everyone needs him.

The nurse came and tells Khusveer to bring a few medicines. He told her not to leave him alone. After he left the nurse informed Jasmine that he went off. Then Jasmine came into the room. She wakes Amrik and he got scared seeing her. Jasmine threatens him not to do any stupidity as her plan will be spoiled. Amrik said because of her he took this step. She tells him not to do anything else she will make his family suffer. Then Khusveer came into the room but he couldn’t recognize Jasmine as she was in a nurse getup.

While Jasmine was going back she hit a man. She came out of the car and Fateh came from the opposite side.