Udaariyaan 24 January 2022 written update: Fateh to take the blame?

At the beginning of the episode, Jasmine came out of the car and saw it was a dummy body. Fateh came from the opposite side and say’s everybody fears at some point in time. Jasmine mocks at him says it seems like you are too much scared for Amrik. Rupy was angrily cutting the woods. Tejo tells him to calm down. Jasmine tells Fateh not to act smart and just accept her conditions. Fateh said don’t think we would accept her demands out of fear. Jasmine says you are all already scared and now your mom will come to me. She will beg for Amrik’s life.

Tejo was telling Gurpreet not to worry and cry anymore. Simran tells Tejo to meet Khusveer once as he came back from the lawyer. Fateh was telling Khusveer that he wilt take all the blame on himself. Tejo heard all this and got scared. Khusveer was telling Fateh it’s not the right option. Fateh was requesting him to agree with his idea. Khusveer told him he can’t do this as he is also his son. Tejo started crying after hearing all this. At last, Khusveer agreed to it and said he will do every possible thing to solve the case. Fateh told him not to disclose this.

Tejo called Fateh to meet her. She said you are taking all this blame as she heard their conversation when she came home. Fateh says he will make Jasmine understand that things won’t work according to her. She asks if there is any other option than this. Fateh says there is no other option than this. Fateh says the journey of keeping you happy will be incomplete so forgive me for that. Tejo says this can be reversed she can also make him smile. Then they both remember old memories and laugh together. Later Tejo took Fateh for a coffee on her Scotty.

Fateh says God knows when he will get the chance to drink coffee with her. Tejo says she will come to jail with the coffee. Fateh tells Tejo that he is a little scared for his family and asks Tejo to promise him she will take care of herself. Tejo promised him that she will take care of everyone. Fateh told him not to wait for him. Tejo says to leave this decision to her. The. Fateh got a call from the lawyer and he left from there. Tejo cries after Fateh left from there.