Udaariyaan 26 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Satti asking Tejo for what valid reason she’s upset. She requests that Tejo drink milk as she had nothing from morning. Other hand Fateh opens his room entryways and tracks down Gurpreet. The last option cries and apologizes to Fateh faulting herself for Fateh’s condition. Fateh embraces Gurpreet and appeases her. Here Tejo tells Satti that she remembers nothing. She’s frightened of learning any new disclosure. There Fateh says that he is getting rebuffed for not esteeming Tejo’s adoration. He shares with Gurpreet to implore that Tejo understand his adoration. Gurpreet says that she will appeal to God for Fateh and Tejo’s get-together. Here Satti guarantees Tejo that she didn’t off-base anybody. Tejo requests to realize what occurred, why Fateh wedded her. Satti consents to tell her.

Sandhus establish what occurred over the most recent nine months. Rupy shows the video of Fateh behaving like monkey to make Tejo chuckle. Tejo says that she resembled kid over the most recent nine months and asks how they dealt with her. Satti says that Fateh dealt with and safeguarded her while they just upheld her. Exquisite says that even Jasmine lotted for her. Tejo asks Satti where Jasmine is. In the interim Jasmine is meandering out and about and yells that nobody can grab her Fateh from her. Here Tejo says that Angad incited her against Jasmine and said that she was utilizing Amrik. Satti denies telling about her pregnancy and is about.

Be that as it may, Rupy stops Satti. Rupy says that Jasmine is remaining at Sweety’s home as she got to be familiar with Tejo’s misconception, so she left not having any desire to give any difficulty to her. Beautiful says that Jasmine dealt with Tejo when she lost her memory. Tejo laments that Jasmine needs to endure in light of her. She says that she needs to converse with her. Dadi requests that Tejo talk morning. Tejo apologizes to God that Jasmine is remaining external her home in view of her.

Jasmine is regretting that she needs to meander out and about on account of Fateh. Other hand Dadi tells Satti and Rupy to conceal about Jasmine’s pregnancy from Tejo as she lost her child. Dadi likewise says to allow Jasmine to remain at Sweety’s home for some time since Jasmine can spill that her marriage was fixed with Fateh. They likewise become stressed over Fateh. Fateh comes to Sandhus house and stands outside the house to get a brief look at Tejo. He stows away when Tejo comes to the gallery. He grins taking a gander at Tejo and reviewing their minutes together. Tejo nods off. Fateh requests that God give him an indication. The toy fan flies and falls on the ground close to Fateh. Fateh gets blissful and gets it. Jasmine comes to her home, however she backpedals on seeing Fateh.

Satti stresses how Jasmine will be at Sweety’s home. Rupy requests that Satti bring Jasmine back home the following day. Satti concurs. Jasmine is meandering out and about. It begins to rain. Jasmine gets into a neglected vehicle for cover. She makes faces seeing the residue. Jasmine faults Fateh for her condition not entirely set in stone to not leave him without any problem. She commitments to get payback from Fateh at any expense.