Udaariyaan 4 May 2021 Written Update – Dadi reveals the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto called Jasmine and asked about Jass. Jasmine told her that Jass mother is in jail and soon we would catch him too. Tejo thought that if Fateh would not helped us then we couldn’t caught them. Fateh came back home and his father told him that your time is over now so you have to choose one either that girl or us. Fateh’s mother was trying to tell something but Khushveer told her not to interrupt.

Fathe told him that I will choose Jasmine. Khushveer told him to go from here as from today you ar dead for us. Amrik started telling that this is not fair if he would go from this house then I will also go. Khushveer slapped him and told him that I have taken my decision and it’s final. Khushveer told Fateh that take them along with you and as they also started arguing like you. Fathe told him that they will not go anywhere as they need you.

Fateh told her mother to take care of them. Fateh was leaving but Khushveer stopped him and told him to leave your purse and money here only as I don’t want you to use anything which is bought from my money.

Bujo arranged a room for Fateh and gave him a phone along with few cash. Bujo was insisting him to come along with me to my house but Fateh told him that I am comfortable over here.

The next morning Tejo woke up and saw a message in the mirror “ We all love you Tejo”. Tejo though that if my family is with me so no one can harm me. Ruby came back and scolded Satti for bringing a proposal for Jasmine. Dadi told Ruby not to react too much as this proposal is from our own relatives. Ruby told him that because of her I tried to make fake papers for Canada and because of that, I went Jail. Ruby went from there in aggression.

Jasmine came and saw the pic of the guy. Dadi told them that one of my daughter whom your Bhua took along with her but she stopped talking from us so I just want to go there and meet her. Jasmine told her to stop crying as I would fulfill your dream of Canada. Tejo thought if Jasmine will like this boy then Fateh would be hurt very much.