Udaariyaan written update 23 January 2022 weekly

Last week we saw that, Tejo was convincing Khusveer by saying that Simran loves Bujjo and he only helped Simran when no one was there. She tells him to think about Simran’s happiness. Khusveer say’s he wants her happiness but he is not able to forgive him. Tejo said he has to forgive her and give her a second chance. Khusveer say’s you can teach me this then why she don’t give Fateh a second chance.

Jasmine tells Amrik to remember how he killed a man while he was driving the car. Jasmine made him run from there by saying that she will handle everything. Jasmine say’s someone informed about your crime and he got arrested then she brought her out of the Jail. Jasmine was thinking that only she knows that the man is still alive. She threatens him that she will give a statement against him if he will not do what she will say.

Fateh was awarded at the college and Khusveer also came there. He was happy to see him and hugged Fateh. Tejo came back from the hospital and feels happy to see Khusveer feeling proud over Fateh. Later Tejo got to know through Bujjo that Fateh only saved Rupy uncle. She went to Fateh and congratulates him. She says you are changing now. Tejo asked how he got these wounds. Fateh lied her and request her to forgive him. Tejo says she thought he won’t ask for that as today he didn’t sent rose for her. Fateh presents a rose infront of her. Angad was watching them sitting in his car. Tejo accepted the rose mentioning that she is taking this for hia foodt works. After she left Fateh got a text from Jasmine that surprise is about to reach his house. Fateh rushed towards his house. Tejo wonders why he went running like this.

Amrik came back home and he was shivering out of scare. Fateh also came home and asked him what happened. Amrik acknowledged how Jasmine saved him by giving a fake statement. He told them that now she wants something back from us or else she will put him into trouble again. Fateh scolds him for believing her instead of coming to them. They were very scared of what Jasmine wanted from them. Amrik was crying and requesting them to save him. Fateh figured out that this was her surprise. Khusveer was against accepting any demand of Jasmine. On the other hand, Jasmine was feeling happy and celebrating her victory. She was thinking that now everything is under her control.

Rupy tells Jasmine to stop her nonsense. She tells him not to shout. Satti was telling Jasmine that Tejo did a lot for her. Jasmine says she is only responsible for her condition. Angad tells Tejo to go far from him as he is doesn’t want to harm. He went off from there. Tejo followed him. Angad said he is not doing all this intentionally as he can’t hurt her because he love’s her. He tells her that he is very alone in his life and this made him mad after she went off.

Khusveer asks what’s her next demand. Jasmine said she want security. He asked what security. She told them she want a stake in this house. Dadi says what nonsense she is speaking. Khusveer told her she won’t get a brick od this house. Jasmine tells Amrik to convince them or else he will get hanging punishment. Rupy tells Jasmine to leave from here and forgive him. Jasmine say’s she want her revenge and she will take it. Fateh tells Jasmine that she won’t get anything and get lost from here. Jasmine tells Amrik that they don’t care about you as she is just wants her right which Fateh snatched from her. Fateh drags her out of the house. Jasmine warns him that she won’t get Tejo at any cost.

Tejo went to Jasmine. Jasmine says start your lecture. Tejo asks what she wants and what she will take to stop all this. Jasmine mocks at her saying she is worried whether Jasmine will marry to Fateh or not. She told Tejo that she is marrying Fateh to take revenge on the family. Tejo says why she is being so bad. Jasmine said all this is happening because of you. She blamed her for manipulating everyone against her. Tejo said she married Fateh because she denied marrying him. Tejo told it her it’s her own mistake then why she is troubling them. Jasmine say’s you all manipulated Fateh to divorce her.

Simran informed Fateh that Amrik is missing. Mahi got a note mentioning that he can’t live like this and he is ending his life. Fateh informed Tejo about Amrik’s missing news. Jasmine asked what happened why she looks so tense. Tejo told her that Amrik is missing and he left a suicide note. Jasmine got scared if Amrik does anything with himself then she would be in a big problem. Tejo came back home and they all were searching for him. Tejo found Amrik inside a bathtub and he was bleeding.

Khusveer came to Amrik and apologies. He tells Amrik that he just wants to help him. The nurse told them that only one person can wait to stay here. Khusveer said he will stay with him. Gurpreet thanked Tejo for being there for them and tells Fateh to drop her. Fateh was going to drop Tejo. Tejo noticed his hands were shivering. He stopped the car and came out of the car. Fateh started crying and said he haven’t seen his dad so much weak. Tejo tells him not to become weak as everyone needs him. The nurse came and tells Khusveer to bring a few medicines. He told her not to leave him alone. After he left the nurse informed Jasmine that he went off. Then Jasmine came into the room. She wakes Amrik and he got scared seeing her. Jasmine threatens him not to do any stupidity as her plan will be spoiled. Amrik said because of her he took this step. She tells him not to do anything else she will make his family suffer. Then Khusveer came into the room but he couldn’t recognize Jasmine as she was in a nurse getup. While Jasmine was going back she hit a man. She came out of the car and Fateh came from the opposite side.

Will Fateh trap Jasmine in his plan?

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