Woh toh Hai Albelaa fans get a treat this week!

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa has some amazing twists and turns for its viewers in the coming days. From emotional sequences to dramatic openings, these days are going to be quite eventful!

Kanha informs Yash that Vrinda Tai has been shifted somewhere else. Kanha feels guilty about what he did with Nakul. Subsequently, Kanha is going to apologise to Nakul but Rashmi will provoke him against Nakul. Sayuri request Vikrant to get her baby for their wedding. Kanha says to Yash that Mithu is her and Sayuri’s baby!
Rashmi gets tensed as she overhears Kanha’s conversation with Yash. Sayuri assures Kuku that she will save her from Vikrant. Kanha shares his feelings with Yash that Vikrant must be threatening Sayuri. Sayuri, then, informs Vikrant that she needs to get a new costume for the Haldi function because her saree got ruined while ironing.
Catch the episodes to see what happens next.