Yeh Hain Chahatein 3 August 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Kanchan and Preesha thump Pihu’s room entryway. Pihu opens the entryway. They gets stunned seeing rashes all over. Preesha asks Pihu that how it worked out. Pihu tells her that she utilized another cream and it worked out. Preesha tells her that it’s simply a sensitivity so she will give medication to her. Pihu tells her that she needs to attend companion’s home for party this evening however she can’t go this way.

Kanchan requests that she not attend the party. Pihu feels terrible. Kanchan tells her that she knows a decent make-up craftsman and he goes by MK and the make-up will conceal every one of the rashes. They leaves for MK make-up studio. Preesha tells Driver to not miss his girl’s birthday celebration. What’s more, she books a taxi.

In the MK make-up studio, MK gets stunned seeing Rudraksh in his studio. Ruhi requests that he give nursery worker focus on Rudraksh which shocks him. He inquires as to whether they are intending to take anything. Rudraksh says that it’s significant. Vanshika lets MK know that no one but he can help them now. MK gives new focus on Rudraksh.

Vanshika and Kids gets astonished seeing Rudraksh in grounds-keeper look. They adulates MK. Rudraksh says that he need to see as well. He investigates the mirror and shouts. He says that he can’t distinguish himself. He commends MK. Ruhi says that Rudraksh become grounds-keeper now. Saaransh says that Rudraksh need to change his outfit as well. Vanshika says that she will bring new outfit for Rudraksh. Rudraksh goes to utilize washroom. Vanshika and Kids leaves for shop to purchase an outfit.

Preesha enters MK make-up studio with Kanchan and Pihu. They meets MK. MK says that he will conceal every one of the rashes with make-up. Preesha moves from that point to pick Armaan’s call. Armaan advises her that he will come to pick them and he will be hanging tight for them in the stopping. Rudraksh sees Preesha and conceals in the washroom. He imagines that Preesha can’t see him like this. He calls Vanshika and tells her that Preesha is in MK make-up studio. He adds that he is concealing in the washroom. Ruhi lets him know that they will follow through with something.

Saaransh requests that Rudraksh not emerge from the washroom and separates the call. Vanshika lets kids know that she will request that MK help them. She considers MK and lets him know that Thakkurs shouldn’t realize that Rudraksh is there. She requests that he assist Rudraksh with escaping the studio. She illuminates him that Rudraksh concealing in the washroom. He moves from that point and tells her that Rudraksh can get away from through window of washroom.

Pihu gets cheerful seeing her face. Preesha leaves for washroom. MK discovers that Preesha left for washroom. Ruhi requests that Rudraksh get away from through window. MK prevents Preesha from entering the washroom. Preesha asks him that for what valid reason he is halting her. He deceives her that the entryway gets stuck. The entryway gets open.

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