Yeh Hain Chahatein 4 August 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha opens the washroom entryway and she heads inside. MK believes that Preesha will shout in the event that Rudraksh didn’t as yet escape then. Then again, Rudraksh reviews how he got away from the washroom through the window.

He spots Armaan outside MK’s make-up studio. He understands that he is in grounds-keeper makeup. He chooses to make sure that Armaan can recognize him or not. He covers himself with vehicle cover and strolls adjacent to Armaan. He gets assuaged that Armaan didn’t distinguish him.

Armaan calls him and lets him know that the last option dropped his hanky. Rudraksh changes his voice and says that that is not his cloth and leaves from that point. He meets his children and Vanshika. He illuminates them that Preesha didn’t see him. He uncovers how Armaan didn’t distinguish him. He says that Ruhi’s arrangement worked. They leave from that point.

Afterward, Rudraksh lets his children know that he is drained so he really wants to take a rest. He requests that they fall asleep. Ruhi lets him know that they can’t rest this evening. She says that Rudraksh didn’t turn into a groundskeeper yet. Saaransh says that Rudraksh needs to figure out how to walk and talk like a groundskeeper. He adds that Rudraksh needs preparing. Rudraksh says that he needn’t bother with any preparation. Ruhi lets him know that he needs to inhabit Armaan’s home so this preparation is significant.

Rudraksh asks them what he needs to do now. Saaransh shows the video to him. He trains him to walk like a nursery worker ( Golmaal tune plays behind the scenes ). Rudraksh watches cultivating videos. He says that he can’t learn everything in one evening.

Ruhi lets him know that he is her super dad so he can make it happen. She requests that he center around learning things. She says that their main goal is Preesha. Rudraksh gets roused and he watches recordings ( Title melody plays behind the scenes ). Kids nod off.

The following day, Rudraksh camouflages as a nursery worker and goes to Armaan’s home. He gives cultivating examples to Preesha ( Maine tera naam dil rakh diya tune plays behind the scenes ). He tells her that she learned it. Preesha lets him know that seems as though he adores cultivating. She adds that she is happy Kanchan employed him. He expresses gratitude toward her. He says that plants are like connections.

She eliminates his phony facial hair and she gets stunned seeing him. She asks him what is he doing there and for what reason mightn’t he at any point let her be. She advises him to leave from that point. He requests that she not say that. He says that he is her better half. He adds that he and their children adore her to such an extent. She pushes him and swoons. Also, it ends up being Rudraksh’s fantasy.

Ruhi comes there and lets Rudraksh know that preparation is forthcoming. Rudraksh tells her that he can’t do this. She asks him what occurred. He educates her regarding his fantasy. That’s what he says in the event that anything happened to Preesha, what’s the utilization of doing this? She requests that he not get terrified in light of the fact that nothing will happen to Preesha. He gestures at her and he embraces her.

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