Yeh Hain Chahatein 8th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Kanchan praises Rudraksha’s work. Rudraksha tries to wash his hand and Preesha helps him. He thinks that after a year she saw him without hatred and anger.

At night, Rudraksha talks to kids about his first day at work. Kids warn him to be careful because Armaan is really smart. Rudraksha assures them that he is handling everything. He removes his make-up and falls asleep.

The next day, Kanchan Knocks on the outhouse door. Rudraksha gets ready in hurry and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing the rat and she tells about it to him. He gets scared and jumps on her.

He asks her to save him from the rat. She laughs at him. Digvijay gets angry seeing that. He scolds Rudraksha and the latter explains the matter. Kanchan asks Digvijay to not scold Rudraksha. Rudraksha apologizes to Digvijay.

Kanchan asks Rudraksha to handle the garden and leaves for the kitty party. Armaan and Digvijay leave for the office. Rudraksha thinks that Pihu left for college too. He sneaks into Preesha’s room and searches for Preesha’s medicine.

Preecha sees him and questions him. He shows balm to her saying that he came to take this. She makes the servant apply balm on Rudraksha’s back. Rudraksha gets shocked seeing that.

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